What are the top ten plays of Deebo Samuel’s career?

Deebo Samuel was not only a great receiver in his career at South Carolina, but he was also a great play-maker. He had so many great plays that these 10 are hard to put in any order. He has way more than ten great plays, but these are the ten that I think are the best.

10. Samuel makes the Rebels pay

Even when they didn’t try to kick to him, Deebo Samuel found a way to make things happen. This 90 yard KOR for a TD against the Ole Miss Rebels shows that.

9. First of many on special teams

Deebo had his first kickoff return touchdown for a touchdown in 2016 against Western Carolina before the Gamecocks faced Clemson.

8. Deebo’s coming out party

This is when Deebo was noticed. He made a great contested catch against Clemson as a freshman, and he only got better since then.

7. King of the jet sweep

Deebo was the king of jet sweeps(besides Hayden Hurst), but this one against Missouri was just showing how good he can be at running the ball along with everything else.

6. Mr. Do It All

What can’t Samuel do? He had this wonderful fumble recovery against Akron to get his first defensive touchdown of his career.

5. Samuel snags the touchdown

This is just one of Deebo’s one-handed catches. This one against Tennessee this year was one of the most impressive catches of his career. He was wide open, but it was still a ridiculous one-handed catch.

4. Deebo gets the year started

Speaking of one-handed catches, Deebo made this insane contested one-handed catch against Coastal Carolina. This is probably his most impressive catch I’ve ever seen, but it was against Coastal Carolina.

3. Toast the Tigers

Deebo finished his college career with a very impressive game against one of the best defenses in the country in his second to last game. He had a 75-yard touchdown reception against Clemson, and he just burned the defense the whole game to help Jake Bentley reach five passing touchdowns.

2. Two hands not necessary

This game was a shocker for most South Carolina fans. Deebo had himself a career game, including this ridiculous one-handed catch against a very good NC State. It also helped that Jake Bentley escaped pressure to make the throw, but Samuel made an insane catch to give South Carolina the lead in the third quarter.

1. Hello, 2017

If you could sum Samuel’s career in one play, this would be it. Deebo rocked Bank of America Stadium when he returned the opening kickoff for 97 yards against NC State in the season opener last year. This is when the country took notice of Samuel. If he had stayed healthy that season, he would’ve launched his Heisman campaign. This play just caps off Samuel’s electric ability.

I know everyone will miss Samuel’s play-making ability, but the Gamecocks have lots of guys who can take over for him. Samuel will sit out the Belk Bowl. However, I know Gamecock fans would’ve loved to see him perform in that stadium again. We’ll have to wait until he’s in the NFL to see if that becomes a reality once again.

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