Newly Elected President Robert Caslen Makes “Ice Cream” Joke, Clemson Fans Lose Their Minds

ICYMI, newly elected President of the University of South Carolina Robert Caslen made comments yesterday morning at his introductory press conference.

During that time, he talked about many things: his new role as president, relations with students, comments made back in April and much more.

One thing I’m sure he was advised to touch on to get the USC fan base on his side was beating Clemson. 

Caslen made the joke below, citing any team who beats Clemson be invited to an “ice cream social” at his house:

As you can imagine, Clemson fans reacted rationally and didn’t freak out on social media (LOL)

Let’s take a look at some of the best Tigers fans showing off their IQ:

The amount of “rent free” tweets we got like Clemson writers don’t write an article a day about what someone in Columbia, SC said that day is pretty insane.

Imagine thinking one :49 second clip determines the entire future of the University.

Clemson fans really don’t understand how warming up to a fan base and making jokes works.

Is it though? How many years in a row has South Carolina won the overall Palmetto Series again?

All 47 followers of this account thought this was a cool tweet.

Just so y’all know, South Carolina isn’t beating Clemson until 2053…hahahahaha

How many times do I have to explain how “SPURS UP” DOES NOT translate to a dead rooster. Clemson fans are brain dead.

And when Clemson students graduate, their first words to a Carolina grad are “can I take your order?”.

Pretty riveting stuff. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve more than likely lost a few brain cells in the process. My apologies.

Spot the damn ball already.


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