Takeaways From Yesterday’s Embarrassing Loss To UNC

This was going to be a tough year.

Everyone knew that. However, this might be the single worst performance I have ever seen from Muschamp’s team.

South Carolina lost 24-20 in a game where they should’ve won by at least two touchdowns.

There were so many things that went wrong that I’m not even completely sure what to take away from this game, but I will do my best to not overreact to this terrible loss.

Jake Bentley is done

No more excuses. No more bulls*** about being patient with Bentley.

He has had four years to take the next step and be the quarterback we all want him to be, but this was just a pathetic performance.

He finished 16-30 with only 142 yards. He also had one touchdown and two interceptions.

Yes, the playcalling was horrible, but Bentley’s performance was inexcusable.

This team will never be good with Bentley and it took everyone until now to realize that.

It’s time for Ryan Hilinski to take over because he can’t be much worse than Bentley.

Will Muschamp is done, but not for now


This is pretty obvious, but he will never be a championship coach.

He will never make South Carolina a contender in the SEC.

I wish this was an overreaction and earlier it might have been, but four years in and it looks like we’re getting worse.

The problem is Muschamp is contracted through 2023, so Ray Tanner probably won’t fire him until after this year or next year.

If he keeps Bentley in the whole year, the leash will be shorter.

South Carolina fans are sick of being mediocre, and it looks like we might not even reach mediocrity.

Someone else needs to call the plays

Bryan McClendon is currently calling the plays for the Gamecocks.

I expected McClendon to be really good when he came in from Georgia, but so far I’ve learned that he’s nothing but a good recruiter.

His playcalling against UNC was abysmal. He took zero risks until the end of the game, and he played so conservatively that the Gamecocks couldn’t move the ball whatsoever.

South Carolina finished with 270 total yards, and they ended up 3-12 on third down, which is horrible.

The coaching staff needs a reboot because Muschamp can’t even bring in the right staff.


I know every South Carolina fan is absolutely crushed right now, and they have the right to be.

I wish I could offer some blind optimism, but losing to UNC so horribly just confirms that they’re never going to be a contender under Muschamp.

3 thoughts on “Takeaways From Yesterday’s Embarrassing Loss To UNC

  1. Teresa Stewart

    Very disappointed to see our 1st game of the season end the way that it did We keep holding on to hope that things will change but unfortunately it’s changing for the worst. Some how some way hopefully things will get better because this is a down right embarrassment to the fans..We’ve waited 8-9 months and were hoping for a descent performance that never happened. Fans are paying big money to go to these but if changes aren’t from the Staff Coaches and Play Calling and changes to the QB then fans will not be showing up for the games. The situation is not any better now than when Muschamp first took over..
    Hopefully we will see better results in the future.. But changes will need to be made for it to happen.

  2. Clifford Louis Gresham

    Wipe the slate clean and start over. Hell If AD Tanner wants to stay in Columbia,he needs to put his uniform back on, because as far as I’m concerned he can go too. USC got Muschamp fired..and turned right around and hired him..knowing full well he couldnt win.

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