Takeaways From The Gamecocks 34-14 Loss To Mizzou

South Carolina lost to Missouri 34-14 in a very demoralizing game.

The Gamecocks couldn’t get any offense going, and their 14 points were off a turnover and one good run.

The defense was on the field so long that they couldn’t keep up with the Tiger offense.

Simply put, this loss hurts.

There’s not a lot to take away from this game specifically, but I’ll look at the bigger picture.

Will Muschamp will never win anything important at South Carolina

How many chances are we going to give this guy?

What has he won so far that makes anyone think he’s a good coach? I wish I could say this is an overreaction, but the Gamecocks have now lost six straight games against power five opponents, which hasn’t happened since 1999. That was the year South Carolina didn’t get a single win.

That’s inexcusable for a coach in his fourth year.

At the beginning of the year, it looked like South Carolina was going to win six or seven games. Now it looks like they’ll win at most three games.

This loss was painful because the fans had a lot of confidence after showing fight against Alabama, but Muschamp loves to disappoint.

The problem with this is that Mushamp is contracted through 2024.

That means that if South Carolina fired him this year, they would have to pay him $22 million. If they wanted to fire him after this year, it would be $18 million.

The only way Ray Tanner will fire Muschamp is if South Carolina loses every game remaining.

The chances of that are low, but the way Muschamp is leading this team, anything is possible.

If Ray Tanner keeps Muschamp around until 2024, there is going to be a lot of turmoil in the athletic program.

This loss was so sickening that it has really cut the patience of the fan base.

South Carolina will return home to play Kentucky next week and if Muschamp doesn’t win that game, you can bet a majority of fans will be calling for Muschamp to be fired.

South Carolina has always been a program that gets six or seven wins, but it’s looking like they won’t even reach four.

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  1. William Marshall

    I’d negotiate that buyout down with Muschamp. Will’s a prideful man and probably doesn’t want to stay around where he’s not wanted. If that doesn’t work hire someone else to effectively run the team (I don’t care what his title is) and give Will other responsibilities like recruiting. Make it clear he is not running football operations. We can keep him for 5 years at current salary and only spend a little over 22 mil. Might as well get something for the money.

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