Best Case, Worst Case Scenario For The Rest Of The Gamecocks 2019 Season

If there was one phrase I would use to describe this team, it would be cautious optimism.

A 2-3 record isn’t ideal, but at least the Gamecocks snapped a five game losing streak to Kentucky.

They looked pretty good last week, and I hope that Muschamp continues the game plan where they stick to the run game and play aggressive on defense.

The schedule only gets harder from here on out so here are my best and worst case scenarios for the remainder of the season:

Best Case

The best case scenario for me is the Gamecocks go 7-5.

If South Carolina can stick to the same game plan they had against Kentucky, they could hit that mark.

I don’t see how the Gamecocks can beat Georgia in Athens. Georgia will win the game of trenches and will have a huge home field advantage.

I think South Carolina can upset Florida at home. If Dowdle is completely healthy, I think the Gamecocks can win with the run game. I also think the defensive line will punish Kyle Trask just like they did to Sawyer Smith.

South Carolina should win at Tennessee just because of the clear talent gap.

Vanderbilt will be a surprisingly tough team, but I think our run defense is good enough to stop Vanderbilt’s only strength.

Appalachian State is undefeated and has a win at UNC, but that’s their only quality win. App State always seems to beat the bigger teams, but I think the Gamecock defense will be too much for them.

I believe South Carolina can go and beat Texas A&M on the road. Kellen Mond has looked overrated, and the whole team seems to be struggling so I think South Carolina could pull off the upset.

Clemson will be way too talented to beat even at home.

7-5 is going to be tough, but it really depends on the coaching and injuries.

Worst Case

Let’s all remember that this is still Muschamp in control of this team.

My worst case scenario for this team is 3-9. That seems really bad, but it’s more likely than 7-5 because this is still Muschamp coaching this team.

South Carolina will lose to Georgia on the road.

Florida is a team that Muschamp has only beat once in his time at South Carolina. I can see Muschamp blowing a lead like he did last year, but it all depends on his coaching.

There is a possibility that South Carolina will lose to Tennessee on the road. Any road game is tough, and in the SEC it’s even tougher. Tennessee might get it together, and a night game could be a challenge in Neyland Stadium.

If we want to talk about the associative property, you could say that App State will beat South Carolina because they beat UNC. App State will be a tough team in general and if South Carolina has to deal with late season injuries again, the Mountaineers could win.

If South Carolina plays Texas A&M on the road at night, it will be a really tough atmosphere to win. The Aggies may not be as good as we thought, but Kyle Field is a tough stadium to win.

South Carolina won’t beat Clemson just because the gap in talent.


I think 3-9 is more likely than 7-5 just because I don’t have faith in Muschamp yet.

His job will depend completely on his game planning and preparation. This team is too talented to go 3-9, but Muschamp has yet to prove that he can pull off a meaningful season.

I think the most realistic record for this season would be 5-7.

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  1. robert

    muschamp is doing the best he can do he didnt hurt bentley or make the schdule and the players defensively are still young especially in the secondary let them grown and give the coach and team time.

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