Takeaways From The Gamecocks Huge Upset Win Over Georgia

No, you aren’t dreaming. South Carolina actually went into Athens and beat third ranked Georgia.

This game was a rollercoaster of emotions and the fact South Carolina won is just unbelievable to me and other fans.

A lot of things went wrong, and a lot of things went right.

Either way, a win is a win and here are my three takeaways from this shocking upset:

Maybe Muschamp isn’t that bad

I will admit I was extremely critical of Muschamp when the Gamecocks were 1-2 when they should’ve been 3-0, but something changed when Muschamp put on the glasses.

Maybe they’re like Peter Parker’s God’s eye glasses in Far From Home, but either way this team has looked completely different in the last two games.

The dominant win over Kentucky to end the losing streak was great, but this win was the biggest win in Muschamp’s tenure easily.

I still think he needs to do a better job of managing injuries, especially taking out your star quarterback when he’s already limping.

He’s going to have a tough road ahead with so many injuries, but this win gives me a lot more confidence in him.

Israel Mukuamu is the real deal

Fromm had not thrown an interception all season until this game.

Mukuamu has a 6’4” wingspan, and it certainly showed today when he reached up to pick off Fromm and run it back for a touchdown.

I can’t remember the last time I heard an announcer say that a quarterback shouldn’t throw to a certain South Carolina defender.

This secondary has been torn apart all season, but this performance by Mukuamu will certainly be a memorable one.

He was my player of the game.

Joyner was a big part of this win

He didn’t have the best stats, but Dakereon Joyner stepped in and managed the game well enough to help South Carolina win.

The Hilinski injury is going to heavily affect this offense for at least the next few weeks, but I believe Joyner will step up and play well.

It honestly amazes me how Joyner has stayed with this team instead of transferring, but now is finally his time.

It doesn’t get any easier as South Carolina has to play Florida next week, but I’m excited to see how this offense changes when it’s centered around Joyner.


I think the last time I was this happy after a win was the 2014 win over Georgia.

I honestly think this was the greatest upset in South Carolina history because it was on the road as major underdogs.

I didn’t expect the Gamecocks to have a chance, but I’m happy they proved me wrong.

It will definitely be a fun game against Florida next week.

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