Three Bold Predictions For Gamecocks vs. Florida

South Carolina will have a fun (and rainy) game against Florida this weekend.

The Gamecocks are hoping they can knock off another Top 10 SEC team and keep their division title hopes alive.

The win over Georgia was easily the best win in Muschamp’s tenure and was the largest upset in program history.

If Muschamp were to beat Florida this weekend, he would already be in talks for a possible extension.

Here are my three bold predictions for this game:

Javon Kinlaw will be a nightmare for Kyle Trask

Trask may be putting up good numbers against good teams, but I don’t think he’s gone up against a defensive line as good as this one.

Kinlaw currently has five sacks and two fumble recoveries, which has made him a clear cut first round pick.

Kinlaw was a force against Georgia’s elite offensive line, and he will continue to haunt Kyle Trask who hasn’t seen a lineman like Kinlaw.

I expect Kinlaw to disrupt Trask and force him to make errant throws just like he did with Jake Fromm.

Joyner will be a key part of the offense

It looks like Hilinski will play, but I’m not sure if he’s going to be healthy enough to play the whole game.

Joyner took over for Hilinski when he went down against Georgia, but he didn’t do a lot because he was thrust into a tough road game.

I think Mushcamp is preparing him more for Florida because I just don’t know how Hilinski can fully heal from a bad looking knee injury in one week.

Either way, I expect Joyner to do a lot of zone reads, and he’s looking as elusive as Lamar Jackson right now.

If Hilinski plays, I expect more deep passes. The offense will probably be a mix of the two.

Israel Mukuamu will continue his dominance

Jake Fromm had zero interceptions this season until he met Israel Mukuamu.

I had my doubts about this guy because he seemed kind of quiet in his freshman year.

He has taken over this secondary to the point where even announcers are saying quarterbacks shouldn’t throw to him.

Mukuamu is 6’4” and has a ridiculous wingspan.

The defensive line has been able to put so much pressure on quarterbacks that Mukuamu has been able to make plays.

He was a big reason why South Carolina was able to pull off the upset last week. I expect him to continue to make plays on the ball especially against Kyle Trask.

The whole secondary has taken a large step forward this season.


These predictions may not be as bold as my previous ones, but I honestly think that South Carolina could upset Florida this weekend.

South Carolina has also never lost a noon SEC game under Muschamp.

The fans will be wild, and the Gamecocks will remember the heartbreaker from last year.

I think South Carolina pulls off the upset and wins 24-21.

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