Takeaways From The Gamecocks 38-27 Loss To Florida

I’ve seen bad officiating before, but this was a whole new level.

It’s almost like the refs from the Lions and Packers game from Monday flew down to Columbia.

South Carolina started off hot, but the offense slowed down and the refs gave two touchdowns to Florida that basically won the game for them.

Anyway, here are my takeaways from this frustrating game.

The SEC officiating crew needs to get their act together

Every year, there’s a new rule that makes it tougher for the refs to make good calls, but the holding penalty has been around for awhile.

Dameon Pierce broke off for a 75 yard run which tied the game for Florida.

There were TWO obvious penalties that the refs didn’t call. The first was an obvious false start on the right tackle. The second was a Florida receiver holding Israel Mukuamu for a solid 50 yards.

The explanation from the ESPN rules expert was the Mukuamu didn’t separate himself from the receiver.

How can you separate yourself from a receiver who’s holding you while the running back is running to the end zone?

The second missed call was a clear offensive pass interference against a Florida receiver when they scored to make it 31-20. The receiver was blocking more than a yard downfield which made the other receiver open.

It wasn’t the best game from South Carolina, but the SEC officiating crew needs to be held accountable for two key missed calls.

South Carolina is the Detroit Lions of college football

When has South Carolina ever won an important title? They won the ACC in 1969 and that’s it.

South Carolina could look like the best team in the division, and they would still find a way to blow the season.

You might not be religious, but it almost seems like God doesn’t want South Carolina to win.

The other comparison I can draw is how the Lions got screwed by the refs on Monday against the Packers.

The funny thing is they got two calls against them that were absolute BS. Those two calls also led to Packer touchdowns.

Being a South Carolina fan is like being a Detroit Lions fan.

Neither have won national titles, and both have a history of mediocrity.

Maybe one of these cursed teams will win a title, but it’s not looking like it’ll happen anytime soon.


As painful as this game was to watch, it was nice to see the ground game continue to assert their dominance.

Tavien Feaster had 25 carries for 175 yards and a touchdown. He had to take most of the carries when Rico Dowdle went down on the first offensive play of the game.

Mon Denson also had a few nice runs while gathering 58 rushing yards.

I’m liking what I’m seeing from this offense so far. If Hilinski would’ve hit just a few of those deep balls, this would’ve been a completely different game.

It’s still nice to see Feaster finally dominate like everyone wanted him to.


This game hurt South Carolina because a win would’ve put South Carolina in a position to win the East.

At 3-4, all they can hope to do is make a bowl game this year.

The game against Tennessee next week will be a must win if South Carolina wants to make a bowl game.

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