Good, Bad And Hilarious Ways That USC Should Handle The SEC’s Awful Officiating From Saturday

I asked and you guys absolutely did not disappoint:

We all know what happened. The referees in Saturday’s game made an absolute mockery of the game of football and shafted USC on more than one occasion.

Here are some of the best, worst and funniest responses to what the SEC/USC should do in response to the refs:

I can see it now: refs sitting in the media room postgame, getting absolutely DRILLED by beat writers and sports reporters.

Places like Clemson where the media is insanely biased would also be a hoot.

On a serious note, Rick Sandidge’s mom would straight up body a ref. And his dad? Murder. Legitimate murder.

Yeah, I’m going to put SEC football as probably the 53546465th most important thing the FBI is concerned with.

Probably the best (and most reasonable) answer here. How can you claim to be the BEST conference in the country and NOT have full time, paid officials?


A couple of people have said “strike the game from the records” or “take the win away from Florida and give it to USC”.

Y’all..that ain’t happening.


I’m down to head back to Williams-Brice this week to replay the 4th quarter. MIDWEEK SEC FOOTBALL LET’S GO.

I need accessible ref grades going into games more than I need air to breathe.

“Oh HE’S on our game this weekend? Welp, we’re f***ed.”

Appreciate the ideas and keep ’em coming. Hopefully the SEC steps up and if nothing else gives us a statement on what happened over the weekend.

Do better, SEC. Flat out embarassing.

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