Takeaways From The Gamecocks 41-21 Loss To Tennessee

There aren’t enough curse words I could use to describe this game.

South Carolina got embarrassed by a 2-5 Tennessee team, who was missing their starting quarterback.

USC is now 3-5, and their bowl hopes have basically slipped away.

The win over Georgia has pretty much been negated because of this loss.

I only have one takeaway from this loss, and I have a feeling a lot of people aren’t going to like it.

Muschamp is a bad coach

Someone tell me how you can go from beating Georgia on the road to being embarrassed by Tennessee, who is now 3-5.

Tennessee dominated the trenches on both sides of the ball, and South Carolina’s secondary made Jarrett Guarantano look like Peyton Manning.

This was easily one of the worst losses in Muschamp’s tenure, and it definitely warmed his seat again.

Simply put, Muschamp will never be more than an average head coach.

If Gamecock fans want that, they can keep advocating for this staff. I’m ready for a change at the head coach position.

It almost seemed like Muschamp didn’t prepare AT ALL for this game, and the whole team took a giant step back.

Hilinski didn’t look bad, but the playcalling was abysmal.

On the goal line, the Gamecocks ran the same play three times in a row. It resulted in a touchdown, but it’s still a terrible idea if you want to score.

I don’t see any way Muschamp will ever be more than an average coach.

He can recruit well, but if you lose games then those recruits will leave.

Muschamp cannot game plan at all. South Carolina needs a coach who can beat teams they’re supposed to beat.

The Georgia game was almost like a win just to save his own ass, but I don’t see how you can want him as your coach anymore.

The one bright spot from this game was how good Bryan Edwards and Shi Smith were.

This team feels like it’s on life support, and Ray Tanner is the only person who can put it out of its misery.


South Carolina will return home to face Vanderbilt next weekend, and they’ll need a win if they want any hope at making a bowl game.

Even if South Carolina finishes 5-7, their SOS could be good enough to sneak into a lower bowl game.

This season has been a rollercoaster, but now it just looks like it’s a nosedive.

5 thoughts on “Takeaways From The Gamecocks 41-21 Loss To Tennessee

  1. Cade

    100% agree with everything u said except for one thing…I don’t think hilinski played very well. Yes he was under pressure lots of the time but what about in the third quarter when he missed back to back slant routes that were WIDE open across the middle which then resulted in a block punt. Even if nobody is open give Shi and Bryan a chance with their crazy athleticism. This is besides the point though because overall this team looks terrible. Hilinski is a very streaky quarterback and our team shouldn’t be playing like this against a 2-5 team.

  2. David Marshall

    Great analysis of where we are!! I’m numb and am starting not to care! I have better things in life to give me joy!!

  3. Mark

    Our secondary killed us. Hilinski is still hurt and even if he wasn’t the trajectory of his throws do not lend themselves to being caught at a high percentage.
    After 4 years I’m done with excuses while our arch rival makes us look like a steamy pile of dog shit

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