Takeaways From The Gamecocks 20-15 Loss To App State

South Carolina lost in a heartbreak game against App State 20-15.

South Carolina couldn’t muster an offense until the fourth quarter, and they came up short on the final drive to win the game.

This was an embarrassing game that will certainly make people question Muschamp’s ability to lead this team.

Here are my three takeaways:

Where was the offensive line?

South Carolina has been so good at running the football this season, but they finished with only 21 rushing yards.

21!? The offensive line couldn’t create any holes, and South Carolina averaged less than one yard per carry as a team against a team with a poor run defense.

Something has to change in the future.

South Carolina hasn’t had a consistent running game since they had Mike Davis back in 2014.

This was an embarrassment of an offense tonight, and McClendon was to blame.

Bryan Edwards carried this team

Edwards has been the one consistent bright spot for this offense this year.

He’s the reason why Muschamp or McClendon hasn’t been fired yet.

Despite the loss, I have to give major credit to a guy who set the school reception and receiving yard record in a season tonight.

He also passed Amari Cooper for fourth on the all time SEC reception list.

Hilinski didn’t have his best game, but he had Edwards to help the offense move the ball.

I can say without a doubt that if Edwards had Connor Shaw as his quarterback in his career, he’d receive as much attention as Jerry Jeudy.

Will Muschamp is a bad coach

Muschamp is not the guy for the job.

I can easily say after four years that he is bad. This was a team that was expected to make a bowl game this year. 6-6 was a realistic goal this year, but it looks like this team will finish 4-8.

This is all on Muschamp.

His game-planning has been abysmal this year against teams South Carolina should’ve beat.

I don’t want to hear any more bullsh*t about how App State is a better team and how Muschamp will “work on it”.

South Carolina has WAY better talent than App State, and they should’ve won by at least a touchdown.

I’m sick of Muschamp, and if you still support him, I don’t know what you’re seeing.

South Carolina needs to clear house or else they’ll end up like Arkansas.


South Carolina will play Texas A&M on the road next week. That will most likely be a loss. The best South Carolina can hope for is a spoiler win over Clemson at home. South Carolina is basically out of bowl contention, and Muschamp is to blame for it.

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