Takeaways From The Gamecocks 30-6 Loss To Texas A&M

That might have been one of the most boring and demoralizing South Carolina games I’ve ever watched.

I’ve never seen a team kick a field goal when they’re getting blown out late in the fourth quarter.

I couldn’t even come up with three takeaways for this game because it was just all bad.

This team looks like they’ve given up on the staff, and I don’t blame them.

Will Muschamp is done, but not for at least another year

I really hate this situation South Carolina is in.

I love Ray Tanner, but he is not a good athletic director. He decided to give Muschamp a huge extension because he had one good year.

This means the buyout for Muschamp’s contract is $22 million, which would be the largest buyout in college football.

If South Carolina waited until after this year to buy him out, it would be $18 million.

At this point, it’s up to the boosters to decide if they want to raise the money to buy him out. That’s highly unlikely because it’s way too much money for a buyout.

This means this team is stuck with Muschamp for at least another year.

It seems like the players have lost faith in Muschamp. They aren’t playing like they believe in him, and I don’t blame them.

I truly believe this team has the talent to win eight games annually, but Muschamp isn’t the guy to do it.

He’s having the same offensive woes he had with Florida in year four. He’s not willing to change anything, and that is going to be his downfall.

I don’t see how Bryan McClendon can lead a good offense at Georgia then lead an abysmal offense at South Carolina.

The only thing that changed was the head coach.

The injuries have become a yearly thing under Muschamp. Even former players know it’s because Muschamp is pushing these guys too hard.

He’s now looking at a 4-8 season where he had multiple embarrassing losses. This is year four.

Matt Rhule took Baylor from 1-11 and made them a ranked team in a year. I don’t want to hear anymore bullcrap about giving Muschamp more time.

This is a program who didn’t take Lincoln Riley because he was “too young”, and they couldn’t lock down Kirby Smart. Both coaches lead top ten teams.

The fate of this program rests on President Bob Caslen.

He has the power to fire Tanner, and the football program needs a hard reset.

I don’t want to hear anything about how South Carolina athletics is good with him.

Football and basketball bring in the most money. Dawn Staley and Frank Martin are responsible for their success.

Muschamp was Tanner’s biggest failure. 


Don’t expect to hear anything in the near future about any staff changes.

If anyone does get fired, it will most likely be announced as a surprise in the offseason.

All I know is that I’m sick of seeing this program fail to meet mediocrity while other coaches Tanner passed up are leading playoff contending teams.

Muschamp will not make South Carolina contenders as long as he’s the head coach.

2 thoughts on “Takeaways From The Gamecocks 30-6 Loss To Texas A&M

  1. Graham

    Replying to you Mark I’m totally gonna agree with Noah that the injuries are Muschamp’s fault. You have to have the right coaches to teach them what to do and how to preform in different situations. It can also come from overworking or working the players too hard as you can see from the injuries we’ve suffered. Just saying most of the time, injuries come from lack of coaching. You can coach the players on how to block stuff right or how to come down with a football. Not saying every injury is a player’s fault like Marcus Latimore, but coaching can definitely help prevent some injuries.

  2. Leo

    Great take!!!. Anyone who says anything different is allowing their faith and Hope for this program to overshadow The bleak reality. muschamp seems like he is giving it his all and he is doing all that he knows to make this program successful but I fear that his best at this level may not be adequate. My other fear is that with his track record with offensive coordinators no offensive coordinator on the rise will risk his career to be the next offensive coordinator fired by Will muschamp. I really hate to call for someone’s job because I understand how it impacts their family and their overall career but something really has to change because I have gone from hoping we win to see how bad we look in losses. I only watched the game Saturday to see if there were any adjustments made that might give us a chance going forward and sadly I was mistaken.

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