Why CSU Transfer Adam Prentice Could Play A Major Role For The Gamecocks Offense

Mike Bobo has brought another offensive weapon to the South Carolina football team, this time in the form of the rare fullback position.

The recent grad-transfer from Colorado State, Adam Prentice a 6’0, 236 pound junior from Fresno, CA and is another new piece that we may see integrated into this upcoming offense.

Prentice accounted for just 18 carries, 18 receptions and one TD during his three years in Fort Collins. Now, Prentice comes to Columbia looking to make his mark on the USC offense in 2020.

While it does appear Prentice will play a big part in Mike Bobo’s offense, the question remains: where and in what capacity?

A versatile player like Prentice can be used in many ways, the two biggest being in some integral lead blocking and picking up some short yard gains in the trenches.

Prentice has shown, even with his minimal playing time, to be responsible with the football, accounting for zero fumbles in his collegiate playing career.

He has also proved to have the soft hands, averaging at least six yards per catch, and this being in his most productive year at CSU in 2018 where he rushed for 62 yards on 16 carries.

I’m sure many out there will doubt and say that even with that minuscule amount of information and statistics that he will still be less than productive.

I would favor the side of Adam Prentice, in that he will bring a huge help to creating opportunities for this offense.

A playmaker in the form of 236 pound Adam Prentice would present plenty of viability to be able get out in front of this elite running back core and create some space into the secondary – as well as being another option for some check-downs, and wheel routes in open space.

Simply put, his skillset can do nothing but improve this Gamecocks offense in the end.

For a refresher on someone who is comparable to what we could see in Prentice, look no further than former Gamecock and current Buffalo Bill Pat Dimarco, who played a big part for Carolina in his tenure.

Certainly, it’s not for certain that Prentice comes out with a new team and a fresh start here at South Carolina and performs like Dimarco.

However, the thought is tantalizing to say the least to think that he could be that dynamic. 

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