Five Things For Gamecock Fans To Watch For In Tonight’s National Title Game

Here are five things that I am expecting to see in tonight’s CFP Championship Game, in which every Gamecock, including myself, is praying for an LSU curb-stomping of Clemson.

If you are one of those “state-pride” Carolina fans who is thinking of pulling for Clemson tonight, please do the rest of Gamecock Nation a favor and donate all of your USC stuff to Goodwill and find another team.

Anyways, here goes nothing:

1. Phenomenal quarterback play

Heisman Trophy Winner Joe Burrow has been nothing short of stellar this season, completing almost 78% of his passes, a 9.2 TD/Int. ratio and a 204.6 passer rating.

Trevor Lawrence hasn’t lost yet in college, and the last interception he threw was in October.

As much as I hate to give anyone from Clemson credit, we may be watching the two best quarterbacks of their generation going head-to-head for all the marbles tonight.

2. Dabo Swinney being insufferable, per usual

Dabo has made a career of being an “aw shucks” kind of football coach that somehow gets away with being the most maddening human being in college sports.

He will use some lame phrase like “eye of the tiger” in the pregame locker room talk and probably claim “disrespect” in his pregame interview, like he has for his entire career.

If Clemson wins, he will quote scripture during the trophy presentation postgame.

If they lose, he will blame the loss on the fact that the game is being played in New Orleans.

3. Cringeworthy commentary

I wholeheartedly expect to hear Chris Fowler or Kirk Herbstreit state that “at least we know the Tigers will be National Champions” in the pregame show or throughout the game if it stays close.

Clemson’s “culture” will be alluded to during the entire game, so I would suggest muting the TV and listening to music of your choice.

4. Lots of points

Clemson has a great defense, but it hasn’t seen an offense with the firepower across the board that LSU’s unit brings to the table.

LSU’s defense has been mediocre at times this season, and Clemson will be the best offense they have faced this season.

LSU is going to have trouble keeping Lawrence and company at bay, and I expect the Bayou Bengals to move the ball formidably tonight as well.

5. Controversial officiating

It would be fitting for this season’s national champion to be decided on a controversial call since it has been a common theme throughout college football this year.

It seems like Clemson has gotten every break possible from the referees in this recent run they’ve been experiencing.

If that trend continues, that team from the Upstate will be hard to beat.


Personally, I don’t see LSU being able to get enough stops to win this game, but I’ve always been told to expect the worst and hope for the best.

Either way, I hope Coach O and his boys can put Clemson in their place and make things right in the world again.

Also, for the love of God, don’t call it the natty. 

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  1. andrew the textbook

    I can’t stand it when people say natty either it is so lame and cringey. I think LSU will win because nobody can seem to stop them on offense. Their defense has been playing better lately, so I expect an LSU victory.

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