What Does Clemson’s National Title Loss Mean For South Carolina?

This week, the football Gods finally answered a prayer for Gamecock fans everywhere.

Joe Burrow and co. successfully completed one of the greatest seasons a team has ever had, and capped it off by beating Dabo and “Little ‘ole Clemson.”

What does this mean for South Carolina now that our hated in-state rival lost a game of this magnitude? 

Well, it might not mean much from a football side.

Clemson is still unfortunately a powerhouse program, with plenty of depth on their roster to be prepared for another playoff run next year.

They’ll still be able to recruit well by bailing player’s dads out of jail and sending an invoice to Newspring when needed.

But damn, it was nice seeing Sunshine not be able to hit the broadside of a barn Monday night, huh?

But from our point of view, as fans, this will make our lives a little easier this off-season.

You can turn back on your group chat notifications and you don’t have to dread going back into work anymore.

Clemson lost and we can rest a little easier knowing that.

Also, the SEC reigns supreme. Don’t ever let any of your tater friends try to tell you otherwise.

If Clemson played LSU’s regular season schedule this season, there is no doubt in my mind we’d be looking at a 10-2 team.

LSU beat seven AP top ten teams this year. Let me say that again.


No chance this Clemson team could have done that.

Congrats to LSU and Coach O on a remarkable year and congrats to all us Gamecock fans for not having to live through hell for yet another offseason.

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