Shilo Sanders Isn’t Playing Baseball For The Gamecocks This Season And Deion Isn’t Exactly Too Thrilled About It

News broke late Tuesday night that Shilo Sanders, freshman defensive back and two-sport athlete out of high school will not be playing baseball this season for the Gamecocks.

Now, this might not be the biggest story. Sometimes players choose to focus on one sport so they can excel in that area.

But this isn’t just any other player. This is Shilo Sanders, son of the greatest two-sport athlete to ever live, Deion Sanders.

If you know Deion Sanders, he isn’t exactly one to keep to himself. Deion tweeted out the following last night after Mark Kingston announced Shilo will not be part of the team:


My take on getting Shilo to USC in the first place was that it was a great PR move. I mean, to have Joe Horn and Deion Sanders backing your program is a pretty good thing to have in your back pocket if you’re Will Muschamp.

And don’t get me wrong, Shilo is a good athlete. But I never saw his film and went, “Wow, this guy is gonna be a star.”

Nope. To me he was a solid rotation DB who would see some minutes here and there in prevent defense situations. Who also happened to be Deion Sanders’ kid.

However, it was also made clear that much like his father, Shilo had a very successful high school baseball career, and was a POWERFUL center fielder. 

In fact, this is what he told The State last year after he committed to Carolina:

“I don’t want to try baseball, I want to play baseball.”

Deion tweeted that Shilo got 30 at-bats to compete for a walk-on spot.

Obviously, we weren’t there to watch the BP session so I can’t comment on how he looked. And you know what, maybe I’m overreacting and this will all be nothing.

But there’s a little part of me that’s screaming, “You pissed off the one ambassador we can’t afford to, Mark.”

Look if he’s not good enough, he’s not good enough.

Gamecock Baseball has a standard that should be set very high, but man. Deion is a great recruiting tool and great ambassador for our athletic department and one that I certainly don’t want pissed off.

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