Are Dawn Staley’s Gamecocks Becoming The Newest Basketball Dynasty?

This women’s team has been dominating the season with ease and sits atop the rankings as the number one team in the nation.

A relatively young team with only two seniors on the roster, they have been tested and have proved their place with outstanding play and huge wins. 

Led by the lead scoring freshman Aliyah Boston, who is averaging 13.5 PPG, and Tyasha Harris with 12.4 PPG.

This team has cohesion and an element about them that have shown to put up big numbers even against ranked teams.

A team even with a great scorer in Boston still has three others who are averaging double-digit points per game, which shows just how they command and control each game.

Earlier in the season, the women notched a big win over number two Baylor by 15 points, which is just one of the big teams being steamrolled by this Gamecock force.

Others include ranked Maryland, South Dakota, Kentucky, Arkansas and Mississippi State. 

With only one loss this season to a now ranked Indiana team, the Gamecock women sit at 17-1 and look to improve on that record tonight in Oxford.

Could this be a team of destiny or a new dynasty in women’s basketball?

As it stands, this team is flexing its muscle and putting the league on notice: outscoring their opponents by almost 30 points per game, forcing turnovers, and dealing out a respectable field goal percentage at the same time.

I think this is a huge positive and a big boost for the Gamecock Athletics as a whole. Dawn Staley has produced a winning team and has a special group on the court that will continue to improve.

With luck, they can avoid the curse of the number ones that seems to creep up on every top-ranked team this year and take this win streak through to the end.

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