Three Sleepers From The Gamecocks Signing Class Who Are Worthy Of More Hype

The 2020 class for South Carolina is a ridiculously talented one.

It’s almost unbelievable to think that a 4-8 team could recruit this well. Everyone knows the stars of this class like Jordan Burch and Marshawn Lloyd, but who are some lesser known recruits who I think will make an impact?

DB Joey Hunter

At six foot and 197 pounds, he’s a cornerback who excels at reading plays.

Although he’s only a three star, he looks really impressive when it comes to stopping the run.

His ability to read plays and instantly stop the offense is why I think he’ll make an impact.

If you try and throw a WR screen towards him, he’ll get the tackle for loss. If you try and throw a RB screen, he’ll notice it and hit the running back hard.

He’s really aggressive in coverage and will be a nice addition to an improving USC secondary.

WR Jaheim Bell

Bell is an explosive athlete who will most likely play wide receiver.

Bell is a guy who’s going to take time to develop, but he has a bright future.

His acceleration is what stands out. He’s got really good burst and is able to make impressive catches.

His speed isn’t amazing, but if it improves, he’s got the chance to be the next great wideout in Columbia.

I’m also impressed by his strength for his size. At 207 pounds he’s not the biggest guy, but he’s pretty good after the catch.

He also has great run blocking skills. I think he’ll end up as a starter by his junior year.

DB O’Donnell Fortune

The last guy I think will breakout is O’Donnell Fortune.

Fortune is a three star safety from Sumter, South Carolina. I think he’ll have the biggest impact out of these three.

Fortune is a hybrid safety who looks good both in coverage and stopping the run. He’s a ball hawking safety who also isn’t afraid to hit hard.

He’s only 172 pounds, but he hits like he’s at least 220.

Fortune is a guy I think can be a starter by his sophomore year. His size may need some improvement, but he looks really good for a three star.


This class has tons of talent, and there’s absolutely no excuse to miss a bowl game this year.

Fortune is my breakout player of this class even though he’s a safety. I think he’ll excel with Muschamp’s defensive development.

I’m hoping guys like Bell and Lloyd can really make this offense good. I’m very interested to see how this class turns out.

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