Carolina vs. Clemson: A Deep Dive Into The Greatest Rivalry In All Of College Baseball

The South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers have been one of the biggest rivalries in the history of college athletics with bitterness and despise on both sides of the rivalry. 

Contrary to popular belief, the rivalry extends past the sidelines of Williams Brice or Death Valley and into all facets of their sports programs. 

The feud has its grasp across every sport, both men’s and women’s, fall or winter or spring, with the conflict extending to every program, club team and even fundraising challenge. 

With the Gamecocks taking the field against the Tigers this upcoming weekend, it’s important to remember the rivalry on the diamond with hopes of extending silence across the rival fans. 


“Far and away the most compelling rivalry college baseball has to offer”

-Aaron Fitt of BaseballAmerica

Both universities are considered to have some of the best baseball programs in the nation, making the rivalry for ‘who’s the best team in South Carolina’ even more exciting. 

Clemson currently leads the series against the Gamecocks on the diamond with an overall record of 179-140-2. 

The rivalry has become even more intense since the turn of the century, with South Carolina meeting against the Tigers in the semifinals of the 2002 NCAA Baseball tournament.

The Gamecocks won both games with a two game total of 22-6 while eliminating Clemson, who only needed one win to advance to the championship.

The Gamecocks had two players make the All-Tournament team, sophomore catcher Landon Powell and junior outfielder Justin Harris; Clemson had only one player make the first team, junior first baseman Michael Johnson.

The Gamecocks lost to Texas in the finals.

Years later, the Gamecocks found their rise to the top of college baseball with a familiar foe to play against.

In 2010, Clemson had taken both on-campus home games from the Gamecocks, including a detrimental 19-6 loss in the Sunday game at Carolina Stadium.

That didn’t deter the boys, as they rolled through the post-season and earned a hard-fought win against Oklahoma in the second round of the tournament.

The Tigers had also defeated the Sooners and faced off against South Carolina yet again in the semi-finals after two days of rest.

The Gamecocks defeated the Sooners and the very next day took the lead in the series against Clemson, winning the game with a dominant 5-1 score.

Then, South Carolina narrowly defeated the Tigers 4-3 to send them to the finals, where we all know the boys obtained baseball glory.

The Gamecocks program won yet another championship the following year in 2011 and made it to the finals in 2012. 

Since the dominance of South Carolina baseball, the matchups have been largely even.

Since the 2013 season the Gamecocks lead with a record of 11-10 against their rival Tigers. 

Clemson looks to even the series this weekend on Friday as the two do battle at Founders Park.

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