NBA Player Comparison: Keyshawn Bryant

Keyshawn Bryant is one of my favorite players on the Gamecocks roster now.

As an explosive wing with a major upside, Bryant has the possibility of becoming a leader for the South Carolina basketball team.

However, as I’ve watched him this season, he continued to remind me of a player that I watch in the NBA. 

For a few weeks, I couldn’t exactly put my finger on who he reminded of.

I mean, in terms of physical build, there’s an array of players that match that description.

I finally came up with my perfect comparison actually to a player that I actively watch.

Jaylen Brown

In Jaylen Browns first seasons in the NBA, he was a wing with decent shooting with an explosive offensive game around the rim.

Jaylen Browns build and skills match up with Bryants fairly well. 

Brown shot about 48% from the field during his tenure at the University of California, with an average of 14 points per game.

This compares to Bryant’s 46% from the field this season and 15 points per game in the final five games of the season. 

Browns stats at Cal don’t exactly translate, as the Golden Bears had five players over ten points per game including Jordan Matthews, Tyrone Wallace, Ivan Rabb and Jabari Bird.

The Gamecocks only had three players in double digits, with a lot of the touches going to Kotsar.

However, with his departure, I’m sure Bryant will pick up the amount of touches per game. 

With Cousinard becoming the Gamecocks best facilitator next season, he’ll be looking to deal out assists and Bryant will be an explosive option to drive to the paint more. 

Jaylen Brown has an affect on the defensive side of the ball for the Boston Celtics, as he can guard positions one through four.

Brown picks up a steal and a block per game for Boston with Bryant having similar defensive numbers. 

Bryants athleticism makes him fast enough to guard most positions, including smaller big men.

Bryant switching on the pick and roll will be effective because of his size and speed. 

Keyshawn Bryant’s scoring efficiency this season is a 1.205 with Brown’s career average as a 1.261. 

Bryant and Brown have similar roles as finishers around the rim with exciting fast breaks.

Jaylen Brown is only one inch taller than Bryant, but Brown has a lot more muscle while weighing 26 pounds more than Bryant.

Brown has been able to play several positions, including shooting guard and small forward, where Bryant has been given the freedom to play the three but has the agility and athleticism to run the two-guard and has the height and wingspan to guard big forwards. 

Bryant will be continued to be monitored as his game unfolds for the Gamecocks and his skills evolve before our eyes.

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