The Aftermath Of The Coronavirus And Its Effect On Gamecocks Sports

With the deadly coronavirus rapidly spreading across the world, the NCAA as well as all other sport organizations have taken precautions for the safety of athletes.

This is not an article to criticize the NCAA’s decision, but to more talk about the aftermath and to raise some questions.

However before I get into I would like to say on behalf of myself and The Spurs Up Show, we are sending our best wishes to everyone during this difficult time.

This proves to us all, life is much bigger than sports. Take whatever measures are necessary to keep you and your family safe and we are praying for those who are affected by the Coronavirus.

So with several announcements being made within hours of each other with different phrase-ology, all the news can be confusing. 

Why did the NCAA choose to completely cancel tournaments instead of postpone it?

So the NCAA announced the cancellation of the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

Not postponed. Cancelled. 

Meaning that, for Gamecock fans, there will be no farewell tour for star Maik Kotsar earning a deserved send off. 

Dawn Staley’s number one ranked women’s Gamecocks will not get the chance to earn the national championship run that all South Carolina fans were expecting. 

However, the NCAA has not definitely stated whether champions will be crowned. Where Kansas and South Carolina would be named champions based on current rankings. 

College football voted on champions for a number of years in the 1950’s where the AP polls and Coaches polls came together to pick national champions.

While this is a nice sentiment, in all likelihood, the NCAA will probably just nix the rest of the athletic season and have no clear champion. 

According to Jeff Borzello of ESPN “it’s hard to send an entire campus home for a month, bring students back, have the teams practice for a week or two and then hope to start up an NCAA tournament.”

Spring regular season with no championship?

The College World Series in Omaha and the Women’s College Series have also been cancelled, but the NCAA has not addressed regular season play for spring sports. 

Officially, the regular seasons of spring sports have not been completely cancelled as of right now, with some spring regular schedule games being postponed. 

The SEC Deputy Commissioner Charlie Hussey told Sports Talk Mississippi that no decision had been made in regards to the possibility of continuing the regular season for SEC baseball.

Championships for the following sports have been cancelled for Gamecock Athletics

  • Baseball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Golf(Mens and Womens)
  • Gymnastics(Mens and Womens)
  • Track and Field
  • Softball
  • Swimming and Diving
  • Tennis(Mens and Womens)
  • Gamecocks Lacrosse team(MCLA cancelled season)
  • Gamecocks Club Hockey(ACHA Championship tournament cancelled)

Effects on eligibility

For Gamecock athletics that take place in the spring, seasons were just starting.

While now that championships, and likely seasons, will be cancelled, what will happen to that year of player eligibility. 

According to Heather Dinich of ESPN “it’s a question that will certainly be tackled eventually”.

Meaning for exciting freshman participating in spring sports, an entire year of eligibility may have been taken off of their athletic clock.

Since no announcements have been made on spring sports seniors and what will transpond with their eligibility, we will hold back a tearful goodbye for now.

Regardless, a big thank you deserves to be sent out to seniors Maik Kotsar, Tyesha Harris, and Mikiah Herbert-Harrigan as their seasons of eligibility are likely completely over as they prepare to go play professionally.

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