Which NBA Team Could Most Use Former Gamecocks Big Man Maik Kotsar?

After a faithful four years with the Gamecocks, Maik Kotsar’s tenure with South Carolina has come to an end.

Kotsar finished this season as a leader for the Gamecocks squad. finishing with an impressive 11 points and six rebounds per game. 

He even ended this season 2nd Team All-SEC and became one of 46 members in the 1,000 point club in Gamecock history.

Kotsars collegiate career included great offensive and defensive numbers, with a large role on both ends of the court.

That being said, Kotsar will more than likely find a role playing professionally somewhere across the globe.

His skillset and leadership would add depth to any team that could use his talents. 

Where Will He End Up?

Let’s state the obvious: he’s definitely not a first round draft pick, not because of a lack of skill, but because he isn’t as flashy or explosive as other NBA prospects. 

I believe that AT BEST Kotsar will be a late second round pick.

Otherwise, I believe he will be signed onto a G-League team where he will try to earn himself a spot on an NBA roster.

Below are some suitors that could utilize his talents on a full NBA roster:

Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are a borderline playoff team and have been stuck in a cycle of mediocrity for quite a few years.

The Magic have been shopping slam dunk champion Aaron Gordon and are obviously entering a rebuild mode.

Nikola Vučević is an All-Star for Orlando and the only decent player on the team. 

The Magic have absolutely no depth at the big man position, as the only other center is Mo Bamba and has been injury plagued. 

Orlando could use Kotsar, as he sets effective pick and rolls and can bring length off the bench.

The Magic are currently ranked 17th in rebounding and need to improve this facet to make any kind of splash in the playoffs in the foreseeable future.

Kostar was a great rebounder for the Gamecocks and ranked high in the SEC for that statistic. 

His midrange game could greatly improve scoring off of the bench, where he can also help facilitate the ball around with a strong pick and roll towards the paint, giving the Magic a presence in the hole.

Atlanta Hawks

It may be too late for the Hawks to make a playoff push this season, but the future is bright for this young organization.

At the trade deadline, the Hawks acquired a great center in Clint Capela to pair with superstar Trae Young.

The roster includes the likes of Josh Collins, who is a third season power forward and rookie NCAA Champion De’Andre Hunter.

The Hawks could use Kotsar next season as they’ll be losing one of their backup centers to free agency. 

Kotsars traditional play could add an array of baby hook shots and fadeaways to the Hawks offense. 

More importantly, the Hawks need Kotsar’s defense, as they are ranked last in points per game allowed, making them the worst team in the league defensively. 

Kotsar has ranked in the top ten in the SEC in defensive rankings in three of his four seasons for the Gamecocks.

He has also has ranked in defensive box plus/minus during all four seasons in the NCAA. 

Kotsar will help on the defensive side of the ball for the Hawks, who can both guard on the perimeter and in the paint efficiently. 


I believe these two teams need Kotsar’s talents to improve and push them into playoff contention.

With the draft rapidly approaching, teams will be looking to add talented collegiate players to their G-League affiliates so that they can feed these players into their organizations when they see fit.

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