As The MLB Draft Looms, Which Gamecock Baseball Players Will Be Back Next Season?

Carmen Mlodzinski is gone. No question. Kid is most likely a late first rounder even though he never pitched a SEC game outside of his freshman season in Fayetteville.

Also, expect Graham Lawson to make the jump. Lawson is a guy who finally got back healthy this spring and saw his fastball back in the mid 90s with a wipeout breaking ball.

I expect him to leave and possibly go in the top five rounds.

Outside of that, is there anyone who is a GUARANTEE to leave?

Could certainly see a guy like Thomas Farr taking that jump. But why not come to back to USC and be the Friday night guy? Improve your draft status.

Dude has elite stuff and could be a big time SEC pitcher.

Brannon Jordan’s stuff is good but think he definitely needs another year of polishing at the college level.

As far as the position players, I don’t think there’s a single guy who SHOULD opt to leave for the draft.

Callil, Beaver and Bowen are the only “seniors” you have. All three can return and be big pieces for USC and are free agent signees at best.

As far as juniors are concerned, Eyster is possibly a guy who gets signed but I highly doubt is in the top five rounds.

Noah Campbell is the wild card in my opinion. As pedestrian as his collegiate stats were, he absolutely crushed the Cape Cod league and scouts love this dude.

I think he could use another year to prove he can perform against elite SEC talent but he may decide to hit the draft.

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