Are We REALLY Coming Back To On Campus, In-Person Classes This Fall?

So a few weeks back, Bob and the boys in charge announced that we are definitely coming back to campus in the fall and I’m guessing many of you were pretty excited.

There was even that video that went somewhat viral of how we had the “Greatest Fall Semester Schedule of All Time”. 

Go back to Cola, have a fun football season, maybe upset a ranked team here or there and then ace our finals.

Sounds like a plan right? Well, not really. 

Now I don’t want to accuse the administration of not having transparency, because they have been updating us.

But let’s be honest, out of the 25K that go to USC, how many of them are really sitting down to watch those town halls? A few thousand at best? 

Well, some of you may be like me and don’t follow everything that Bob Caslen says at every moment, so I was a little surprised when I looked at my Fall classes and saw that some had updated.

Again, I don’t want to accuse the school of anything. BUT IF they wanted to make classes go online in the sneakiest way possible to avoid the blowback, they would definitely use words like “100% Web Synchronous”.

I mean, I don’t think a normal human has ever used the word synchronous in an actual sentence. 

I love passing all of the classes as much as the next guy, but I think I speak for a large portion of the student body, that we came to college to get some form of an education on a specific topic. Online classes are great and all, but it’s just not the same bang for your buck. 

For some of my classes last semester, my tuition was literally paying the professors to send online-generated assignments and exams to websites which I also had to pay for. 

And again, if South Carolina posted on their instagram which has around 100,000 followers and said “75% OF ALL CLASSES WILL BE ONLINE!!” then there would definitely be some pissed off phone calls going towards the Bursar’s office. 

So if we are going back to campus just to take one, maybe two classes in person, why are we even coming back?  

Now, do I think the school should cancel the semester altogether and just do a repeat of the past Spring? Hell No.

I believe that remaining cautious is important, but we should remember that the college industry is 95% 18-22 year old associating with one another.

It’s literally the ideal industry to return back to some form of normalcy. It’s not even like high school, where they go home to Ma and Pa. We just go back to more college kids for the most part. 

I just think everyone should be a little skeptical when the school comes out with certain announcements.

Also, wash your hands.

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