What Will Football Season Look Like For Fans/Students This Fall Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Throughout this pandemic, college football and especially the SEC have been pretty adamant that there will be a full college football season.

The past few weeks, college football players have been returning to campus and starting to get into somewhat of a schedule.

This week however, the numbers of players who got COVID-19 came out and it wasn’t pretty. 

First off, not to be a “flu bro”, but people who are worried about the athletes dying from this disease haven’t been looking at the data for Coronavirus.

These players have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than getting severely ill and passing away. It’s more of a nuisance for them. 

****If after this article is posted, a terrible event with an infected student-athlete has transpired, I do not want blowback due to the fact that I am an ignorant college student who has taken 0 course hours on epidemiology or human biology.**** 

But with the numbers coming out, the talks have started on what the season will look like. Take a look at Clemson with their 23 players.

Say if this happened during a game week, Dabo would probably have an aneurysm if the NCAA said he had to step on the field without Ettiene or that Blonde Bitch. 

And we haven’t even started talking about fans.

For the players themselves, the strategy will be to TEST TEST TEST and if one player comes up positive, isolate them as quickly as humanly possible.

Be similar to an ankle sprain, 1-2 weeks then they’re back. That’s the ideal scenario. 

For us, the fans, here’s a scenario I can imagine. 

We all have the SC Rewards App that we request tickets off of. You will now also request a COVID-19 test on it.

On the week you request your ticket, you will have to get a test from the school on Thursday or Friday. (UofSC sets up tents all across campus) The medical worker scans your phone to prove you took it.

On Saturday morning, you’ll get a notification: “You tested negative, enjoy your lower deck seat!” or “WARNING you tested positive, quarantine immediately. 

Don’t be the dick who comes up positive and still goes to the fraternity lots. 

And the school has enough money to buy 50,000 cotton rally towels weekly; that will probably become cotton face coverings that you will get when you get tested.

The masks will likely be removed to be waved during the first ‘Sandstorm’ but that is inevitable

I’m also predicting that the local government may force the school to reduce the stadium’s capacity, it will be tough to test 80,000 people.

So don’t be surprised if they charge students to go to the games. The main reason that the school needs to have football is the money it brings in. 

I do believe that UofSC and the SEC will do whatever they can to have a season. There is so much financially depending on it.

However, I do think it will look different.

**If the University of South Carolina decides to use the ideas listed above, I hereby declare them trademarked and therefore the royalties should be sent to me. Venmo: ethanmkelley**

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