The ESPYS Failed To Talk About South Carolina During Their Award Show And I’m Pissed About It

The annual ESPY awards were on the other day, and you can probably guess that not having sports for the last 3 months, it was going to be a little different.

They decided to not even make it an award ceremony for the sports that were played in the past year. Only a couple of people won certain awards, none were entirely athletics based. 

It was more of bringing awareness to the social movements of the present through the lenses of celebrating athletes. 

I don’t have a huge issue with this. I think we all agree when using the correct context, these issues are about right vs wrong with very little to no grey area. So advocate for important issues all you want. 

But I am a pissed off college kid with a UofSC bias who had his spring semester ruined since a guy ate a bat on the other side of the planet.

So just like so many my age, I am looking for things to be mad about. 

If I am producing the ESPYS, I understand that athletes want to send their message, but I also realize that many people are tuning in to reminisce about sports, about champions, about dominance over the past year. 

So maybe we should show one of the most dominant sports champions of the year?

Radical thought. 

They might have shown some clips of the team here or there, but in a year where the Finals, Stanley Cup, March Madness got delayed or canceled, there’s definitely some air time to show more of the 32-1 Women’s SEC champs. 

I mean, how many times can you show that Lamar Jackson spin move? 

Here’s another extreme recommendation: for those who do get an award, they should probably get some airtime during the show.

People’s opinions are always unique and differ from one another, but I think we all agree that the Hilinski’s are truly an amazing family that are bringing awareness to a serious issue. 

I was hoping they would get a segment to broadcast their message to a larger audience, especially when the theme of the night was athletes using their platform for a worthy cause. 

“Should we do a 5-10 minute segment on Hilinski’s Hope?”

“No, let’s do a fake zoom call with former Olympians!” 

Is the fact that I am a South Carolina student obviously making my opinions biased?

You bet. Don’t care. 

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