The Cotton Gin Makeover: What Can People Expect When One Of Our Favorite Bars In Five Points Reopens?

We all have favorites. Favorite foods, sports and of course, bars.

If your go-to place in Five Points happened to be Cotton Gin, you may be in for a surprise in a few weeks. 

While we returned to our home and businesses all around the country closed. The fine folks on Harden Street got some new people to run the day to day operations and decided that their rave-themed bar needed some touch ups. 

Here’s a look at the new drink menu and the inside.


Definitely looking like some quality changes.

I got in contact with one of the new employees to give us some updates and what we can expect. 

EK: For so many, the music that Cotton played upstairs was what separated it from other places. What kind of music can people expect? 

“EDM will he played upstairs on Tuesdays and Fridays only upstairs, Thursdays will be throwbacks upstairs, Saturdays will be classic dance/twerk music (lil John Ying Yang twins, Akon, etc)” 

EK: With the new alcohol selections, how are you going to react if someone orders a kamikaze or vodka lemonade? 

“The customer is always right, we just want to provide a shot/drink list where everyone can find something they like” 

EK: What is going to change about the downstairs that you think people are going to love? 

“Downstairs will have more seating, more LED lights, different music than the past, and incredible ambience and decor”

EK: Any changes to the staircase that makes it less hazardous for people on their way out? 

“We are going to put fresh grip tape on both staircases”

EK: Are you considering adding any more local breweries to the selection?

“We will start the semester with Steel Hands coffee lager and Cola Craft SS sour on draft; I would like to keep two locals on draft at all times”

EK: The shot list is pretty big, without going into detail about every one, what is in the “perfect pussy” and “porn star” shot?

“The “perfect pussy” is more commonly known as a Vegas Bomb it has Crown, Peach Schnapps, and Red Bull; the porn Star has Tequila Rose, grape schnapps and cranberry juice” 

They’re also updating their kitchen.

So instead of getting your Cookout tray handed to you by a Columbia cop as your drunk mind questions how months of police academy training leads to screaming “ORDER 195!!”, you can just avoid the hike and get some grub on site.

Two birds, one stone. 

It will be interesting to see how people react to the changes that Cotton has made in a few weeks. But with the time and effort the workers have put in, I am pretty confident that they’ll have no issues with getting people in the door.

I think the updates to the downstairs will definitely be a game-changer and Cotton will be one of the go to spots in Five Points this upcoming school year.

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