“Matter Is The Minimum”: Jay Urich’s Non-Profit Takes It A Step Further

Besides a damn pandemic taking over our country, another reason why 2020 has been unlike any other year has been the social movements over the past couple of months. 

I consider myself one of the ‘common folk’, so I think I speak for many that when I see photos like this, I see thousands who want to create positive change in our country for the most part, which is pretty neat.

*If you are reading this and want to bring up the violent protests to contradict this, save it for your Aunt’s Facebook post. They’re bad, but I hereby declare this post is not getting political and is about positive topics only* 

Now if you’re a business or a person with any type of fame, you don’t see the same thing as the rest of us. 

You see customers. You see potential fans. 

Now you’re only as ‘woke’ as your profits allow, so go ahead and make your cash when the market is the way it is.

However, we all know that many of these people care more about their own glorification than actually being part of a solution.


That’s right, so many of the Garnet and Black are taking it a step further than the typical Instagram influencer. 

Take a look at Gamecock quarterback, (or Wide receiver, I don’t know) Jay Urich.

After going viral on twitter for his sign during the Columbia march a few weeks back, this guy decides to take it a step further. 

He’s using this added attention towards him to promote his non-profit he started called “Original Design” that raises awareness and money for kids living healthy lifestyles, mentally and physically through football camps and community outreach programs.

He’s now selling “Matter is the Minimum” shirts that proceeds will go to the organization. 

So buy a damn shirt.


P.S. This is a cool picture and all, but I will bet my Fall 2020 tuition that no one said anything funny and the camera guy told them all to laugh at once like in those college campus ads we got in the mail in high school.

So while Chipotle is sending me generic progressive emails in the hopes that my next burrito bowl will be at their establishment, our Gamecocks are using their platform to good use.

And until Chipotle realizes that people prefer a free scoop of tortilla chips in their bag over a social justice email, I will be taking my business to Moe’s on Main Street. 

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