Which Team Will Strike Gold And Land Gamecocks Great Jadeveon Clowney?

As NFL players return to the facilities to begin training camp for this unique season, it is still crazy that UofSC former star player Jadeveon Clowney still hasn’t found a team to sign him.

When free agency began in March, I can see why teams were hesitant.

He wanted top dollar at around $20+ million and for a guy who has had an injury history, team doctors were unable to look at players. 

If I was a GM, I would have waited a bit.

Since then though, he has dropped his asking price by a few million and it’s now much easier to get players in and out of facilities.

So what gives? 

A few months back, there was a report that the Browns offered Clowney the most lucrative deal out of all teams…which he (wisely) turned down.

That makes sense if you don’t want to be a part of a dysfunctional organization. The Browns could literally have Bobby Boucher at line-backer and still find a way to be 6-10. 

So he wants to be a part of a stable, well respected organization, right? 

But he was offered $18.5 million by the Seahawks, which he also turned down.

The other teams that have been in rumors over the past few months have been the Titans, Jets and Saints.

Alright, if your team is paying you one the highest contracts for a wide receiver in history, you have little to no say in your team making a high cost defensive investment. 

If I am Clowney, there is no immediate rush to sign.

When you’re an NFL player, you get one, maybe two opportunities to sign your mega deal. Next time Clowney is a free agent, he’ll probably be around 30 and teams are going to offer him less than what they are now. 

So cash in when you can.

It’s clear that he is not going for just the highest bidder, but the correct balance for a team that will win now and will pay him competitively. They call that the “equilibrium price” (yeah I took Econ-222, big deal) 

My prediction?

Clowney signs back with Seattle, 2 years $38 million. The Jamal Adams trade makes Seattle much more appealing

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