Chalk Up The “Drive Through State Fair” As One Of The Weirdest Ideas Of 2020

Every October, the State Fair comes to our great city and for a week straight, we are able to go on questionably-built rides and indulge ourselves with the finest culinary achievements a deep fryer can accomplish.

Well obviously this year was going to be different and honestly, I thought they would just count their losses and cancel the fair altogether. That’s what North Carolina did. 

But the officials for the SC fair put their minds together and figured a way to still capitalize on society’s innate desire to raise our cholesterols with fried Oreos and look at cool pigs for a few seconds.


I have no clue how this is going to work. 

Are they just going to make the entire area into a giant circle for cars to go through? 

Is it going to be like a car-wash but instead of giant soap sponges, there are going to be food stands?

If one obese family is ordering enough funnel cakes to fill up the entire Willy-B student section, are they going to cause a traffic jam for everyone else at the fair? 

These are the questions that need answers.

But for real, the fair is a pretty big economic boom for the community. It brought in over $45 million in economic impact a few years back. So it’s a good thing that they are trying to get something out of it. 

They are only holding it for two days: October 20th-21st. So the money is going to be fractional of past years, especially when it’s going to be free admission. 

Just a heads up, I’m predicting the visuals for the fair are not going to be pretty. One of the biggest appeals of the fair is the flashing lights from the rides and the crowds of people walking around. Makes an ideal Instagram photo for any UofSC girl to post. 

Lines of cars while you eat a candy apple in the backseat of a Toyota Camry doesn’t really scream Instagram to me.

Finsta maybe, if people still use those. 

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