Henry McMaster Has Screwed Over The Bar Business Once Again

This is fine. This is totally fine. 

Just weeks before thousands return to campus to take online classes, McMaster comes down with one of the harshest rules for bars post-lockdown.

The bars in 5 Points are great at a few things:

  • Selling drinks within a college student’s budget
  • Being walking distance from great late night food
  • Knowing the best times in the night to play ‘Mr Brightside’

But having multiple 8-person seating set ups is not really these business’ bread and butter.

I’m pretty sure Pavs might have eight chairs in total. 

I really hope that the city got in touch with the businesses before the announcement. At least give them a little bit of time to find new solutions. 

And if McMaster is forcing these businesses to fuck up their sales at the most profitable time of the year, did he also propose any type of assistance to these businesses? Loans? A delay for building leases?

Cause if not, huge dick move.

The law will be enforced so it’s no time to complain. It’s time for these bars to embrace their inner Bear Grylls. 

First off, every bar should get in the apparel game like Jakes and Pavs. Take advantage of these college students fresh off their summer jobs.

The first weekend night of August, there are going to hundreds of guys that will take a break from debating High Noons vs White Claws and will subconsciously scroll through their Instagram in the corner of the party. 

If they see an ad for a pair of Moosehead socks for $7.95, those bad boys will sell like hot cakes. 

Second, expand the hours. Big time.

*Waking up at 10:00 am on a Sunday* 

“Yo bro you wanna grab some breakfast at Waffle House?”

“Hell no, I heard Cotton has some amazing breakfast sandwiches, let’s go there” 

But just remember, when you do go to these bars, throw in a few extra bucks for the tip compared to the past.  

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