Your Semester Reminder That Buying Textbooks For Classes Is A Complete Scam

In a few weeks, we’ll all be back to campus and I have been getting pretty excited. Though things will be restricted, Columbia, SC is still where dreams come true. 

Then I got an email that put me and probably many more UofSC students in a terrible mood.

As much as people hate it for some reason, we live in a capitalistic society where producers compete with one another to best appeal to consumers. This leads to cheaper, more efficient products and services that benefit both parties. 

Pretty basic shit. 

But the whole idea with buying books is the opposite; where the school and these publishing companies make tons of money by overvaluing books with basic education topics and mandate that we buy them to take the courses. 

 But DON’T WORRY!! We as consumers do have options!!

  1. Buy all your books right away so you can get some used ones for a cheaper price. Then find out after the first day that some classes don’t even require all the books
  2. Wait a week or two to find out what you need, then be forced to buy all new books because the used ones are sold out. 

Spoiler alert: both options suck. 

It’s pretty well known that college as an industry is totally overvalued and can maintain this status quo because every university is benefitting. 

Why compete for a lower price when thousands of customers continue to buy the product?? 

But Coronavirus has completely exacerbated the situation.

Another basic economic concept: money is nothing more than a medium to determine the value of a good or service. 

When that service, like education, is lessened by making classes go online, it would seem reasonable to lower the price of that service, right? Nah. 

Not only that, news articles are coming out that make the school look like the victims in all of this.

Wow, you lost so much money yet won’t raise prices because you are such a caring and benevolent bunch!! 

*Buy this $150 accounting book that has the same concepts on youtube*

Also, maintaining the same price of tuition for those in the school shouldn’t be that big of a deal. You don’t go out to eat and halfway through your meal, the waiter whispers to you “Yeah we just increased that burger you’re eating by $4.25” 

Correct article title:


**If you read the entire article, it even admits that the school is still going to increase room and board costs**

And no, I am not just going to take a gap year or go to community college because I am still a firm believer that the quicker you are able to enter the workforce at a desired field the better, and a four year undergraduate degree at UofSC is still a good option.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed at the school.

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