The First Round Of COVID Numbers For USC Are Out And Well, They Came Out Pretty Damn Good

Bravo, Gamecocks. 

This is obviously a good sign for the first few weeks as people start returning to campus. One big issue that UofSC has to deal with is the overall size of our school and people from all over the country arrive in one spot at once.  

But honestly the real test will be the next few weeks. 

The school can require every student to walk inside a giant hamster ball whenever they step into a campus building but there is one scenario that they can’t control.

If some guy who is positive goes to an apartment party and he is the only with some form of nicotine: WE ARE FUCKED

It seems like the school has had success with outbreak prevention, but I am curious to see what their protocols will be if an outbreak does occur. Say if half of East Quad comes up positive. 

It is important to note that the past few weeks of football news have shown that South Carolina does not make decisions based on outside pressures or other schools. 

Remember back in March when the entire country locked down and every school went home for the year?

Bob Caslen: see y’all in two weeks.

If schools around the country start to go completely online when hypothetically 5-10% of the student body gets sick, I don’t think their decisions will affect what the school decides to do. 

Another thing I’m confused about is how they test us. I hear some reports that they hand you the swab and tell you to test yourself. 

I don’t know shit about Covid, but I don’t understand how some people have their frontal lobe stabbed through the nose and for us they just hand us the tools and hope we have a PhD from Johns Hopkins and still expect to be just as accurate. 

But the one tip I will give: 

If you can’t figure out if you’re feeling under the weather or just extremely hungover, don’t be a dick and just sit the night out. 

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