What Are Your Thoughts Regarding Yesterday’s Protestor On Greene Street?

First things first, it was the second day of on campus classes and its not ideal to see a crowd of people all grouped up together.

From one guy who was there:

“Yeah a lot of masks, but no social distancing at all”. 


The college administration came out pretty supportive for the group that surrounded the dude. But let’s be honest, if Bob Caslen said anything about social distancing, that crowd would have immediately marched to surround him.

I don’t care how many hours of crossfit you do, I’ll take a crowd of angry South Carolina students over any army in the world. 

I am going to say something controversial, so bear with me before you type your generic political answer that you recite from some random instagram account with 60k followers. 

Some people think black lives matter but disagree with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ organization because they believe there are more efficient methods in bringing opportunity for all. These people are still fine people and can be rational in thought.

This guy is not. This guy is a fucking loser. 

He is a troll. 

A troll’s purpose is not to convince people to agree with them based on facts and data, but instead to create joy for themselves by making other people upset and angry based on their actions.

No logical person would go there in this fashion and believe they are changing minds for the better. 

Also, I have a weird issue with older adults hanging around in the heart of our campus for any reason. I don’t know why but it kinda makes me uncomfortable. Based on reports, he was around his 50’s. 

Some of the other things that people said this guy was saying:

“Black women only have kids to collect welfare.” 

I mean what the fuck dude. 

But I do take joy that I have a pretty reliable source that told me that “people mainly made fun of him” and the video of the trumbone guy is absolutely hilarious.

So let’s all unite to hate this dude and then go back to our daily schedule of mask wearing and online classes so we can finally see if the Gamecocks can break four wins. 

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