Takeaways From Inside South Carolina’s Saturday Night Scrimmage At Williams-Brice Stadium

Well, fall camp is fully underway as the Gamecocks wrapped up their second fall scrimmage of camp Saturday night.

The lights were on at Williams-Brice Stadium, another subtle reminder that the season is nearly upon us.

Surely to the displeasure of a few USC staffers (and possibly media interns as well), TSUS got a lot of interesting tidbits from a source that was inside Williams-Brice taking in the scrimmage Saturday night.

Let’s get it.


Is there a fanbase that loves new uniforms more than South Carolina?

It truly isn’t the offseason without some new uniform drama, and boy, did we ever get that Saturday night.

TE Keyveon Mullins and DL Joseph Anderson shared pictures to their Snapchat stories on Saturday before the scrimmage began:

My first overall reaction is I LOVE the big numbers. Gives a very “Ohio State” esque feel.

After the revealing of the “Black Magic” uniforms last season, we all heard that the throwback look would become a staple for South Carolina.

Muschamp has stated previously garnet and white versions of the throwback look were coming and these appear to be it.

Now, the question many of you have asked: “what’s on the front?!”

I can confirm from my source that the front of these uniforms does say “CAROLINA”. It appears these uniforms will be a crossover hybrid of the Black Magic x modern uniform concept.

My source also confirmed the Gamecocks do indeed have all color variations (black, white and garnet) in both the jerseys and pants.

After this leak, I’m sure the media team will be putting out their official reveal video very, very soon.

QB Battle

Now, let’s jump on the field.

As stated on social media early Sunday, I heard very good things about Collin Hill Saturday night.

According to my source, Hill “took the majority of the first team snaps” and “looked comfortable and really controlled the offense”.

He also echoed the same sentiment I’ve said prior that, at this point, he would expect Collin Hill to be the Gamecocks starter against Tennessee.

Will Muschamp then confirmed that Collin Hill was the “Player of the Day” for Saturday’s scrimmage, earning the same honors Ryan Hilinski received in scrimmage #1.

By no means is this battle over. But if I had to guess right now, I’m putting my money on Collin Hill to start week one against the Vols.

Who Is RB1?

Since the injury to stud freshman MarShawn Lloyd, there has been a lot of speculation of who would step up and taking the starting running back job.

If you’re anything like me, I simply assumed Kevin Harris, a guy who played a fair amount last year and showed some nice flashes would fill in.

Lesson learned: never. assume. anything.

Per my source and other reports I heard prior to Saturday as well, it’s looking more and more as if redshirt sophomore Deshaun Fenwick will be the Gamecocks number one back when the season starts.


My source was noted as saying “he’s a guy that runs really hard”. Apparently, Fenwick has had a fantastic fall camp and really come into his own.

What’s more surprising in my opinion is who his backup appears to be at this point.

Freshman Rashad Amos has come on strong and, as of right now, sits in the RB2 spot behind Fenwick.

Amos has shown the staff a nice burst and is a guy that is highly regarded in Gamecock circles.

Throwing Fists Lead To An Early Exit

Per my source, a couple of key Gamecock contributors were kicked out of Saturday’s scrimmage early due to an altercation that occurred on the field.

Shi Smith and Shilo Sanders apparently went at it, with Shi “knocking Shilo’s helmet off”. My source also went on to say that Shilo “swung four times” at the Gamecocks expected number one wide receiver.

Honestly, you love to see it. It’s fall camp and these dudes are tired of beating up on each other. Hope they bring that same tenacity to the Vols week one.

A Newcomer Emerges At The Wide Receiver Position

Without a doubt, the wide receiver position is a position of question as we head into the 2020 season.

Will Muschamp brought up a new name in his Sunday presser, citing freshman wideout Ger-Cari Caldwell as a guy who has come on strong since the start of fall camp.

This falls in line with what my source said from the scrimmage, saying “Ger-Cari had a lot of targets Saturday night and ran the jet sweep a lot as well”.

It’s great to hear of another youngster coming on at the position. The Gamecocks need all the help they can get outside and young playmakers stepping up will be key to overachieving this year.

Key Starters Sitting Out?

Probably nothing serious, but my source did also note that a few big time defensive players barely saw the field if at all during Saturday night’s scrimmage.

Jaycee Horn, Israel Mukuamu and Jordan Burch were “not out there at all” per my source.

I highly doubt this is anything serious to look into and probably more of a case of wanting to try to help the offense out a little bit.

I have to imagine it’s hard to really see who your top options are outside when you have the likes of Mukuamu and Horn locking them down every single play.

Luke Doty…

Hoo boy, did the internet lose its collective minds over this clip…

*video removed due to our buddy Gamecock Doug’s job on the line… #FreeGamecockDoug*

After Will Muschamp proclaiming he is the fastest player on the team on Thursday’s call-in show, we got a glimpse of the pure speed of the youngster from Myrtle Beach.

Listen, I don’t expect Doty to factor into the QB competition this year. If he was going to, he wouldn’t be taking reps at wide receiver.

But MAN, this dude has some potential. I’m a huge proponent of having a mobile QB and this screams Connor Shaw 2.0 to me.

Now, it’s only one video. Doty needs time to learn the offense, get adjusted to the college game, etc.

But you have to be excited about the future of South Carolina’s QB room in the coming years when you have an athletic talent such as Doty.


Overall, it sounded like a solid scrimmage and good work as we creep closer and closer to kickoff.

Muschamp stated in his Sunday presser that the quarterback competition will rage on and they’ll hope to name a starter within the next week.

Safe to say, things should be very interesting as guys lock down spots and win position battles over the next two and a half weeks.

P.S. I may be outside the gate, but I still know a guy who knows a guy 😉




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