We Couldn’t Saliva Test This Week…Because The School Didn’t Hire/Train A Replacement For An Employee?

Today is Tuesday, so that means it’s the day where we find the newest update on our Covid numbers.

Right now, we have 1,400+ active cases and we already have around 75% of our quarantine capacity. 

But the alert level is still “low” for some reason. lol.

The total amount of positives is definitely larger, one reason is because the school didn’t test nearly as much this week

Why is this, you ask?

Oh, because the school hired one person to be in charge of saliva testing and that person got sick. Since they didn’t hire a replacement or backup, they just can’t test. 

First off, I have no knowledge in how the testing works, I am a dumb college student.

But you’re telling me, in the six months of test planning, not one person brought up this idea?

“Hey Bob, so this employee is going to be in the presence of potential Covid samples or be around people who may have been exposed, so maybe we should teach someone else the procedures just in case”


So maybe the school should have spent more time on test planning instead of marketing the #IPledgeColumbia brand or spending money on masks when Walmart and CVS literally have a mask surplus. 

The school did get some help with some private companies in the area to help with testing, but we tested 500 less students even though the potential exposure obviously has increased.

I think once some of the true numbers are revealed this Tuesday and Friday, the school is going to need to make some changes, I think one of the big ones is the quarantine buildings. There is no way we’ll be able to remain under 100% capacity at this rate. 

I already gave my testing advice: test based on buildings instead of singular locations and give students immune boosting vitamins. 

I also noted that I have trademarked these ideas so the school will have to Venmo me @ethanmkelley for the rights.

I have absolutely no law experience and can not afford an attorney, but don’t try me.

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