The Long Awaited Return Of Gamecock Football Nears

The time of year we all love and long for is finally here and rolling.

After the year the world has seen, it’s been long-awaited and long overdue for us to get back to a small piece of normalcy for the upcoming fall season. 

Even though COVID-19 will preclude us from the normal game-day atmosphere, most of us will have our own Williams – Bryce Stadiums in our back yards with friends and family as we celebrate a return to the gridiron. 

This season as we all know it a make-or-break year for the head coach Will Muschamp.

However, we do get to see possibly a new set of schemes and play-calling coming from the new OC Mike Bobo. A big year for Bobo to come out strong and see if this team can string together some talent and trickery to knock off some would-be formidable foes this season.

With the conference only season, it almost seems like a battle of best in the best conference slugging it out every week. 

So as many of us have come to see through a schedule like this, a hard year for the garnet and black is most likely what we get.

A season of screaming at the TV, laps around the living room, a prayer on a fourth-down conversion or even the eyes closed peak at a long ball.

Either way, we glorify these moments and relish them because we’re die-hard fans and football is back.

There is not all bad and doubt though from this season, let us take a look at some interesting and exciting things to happen.

First, a QB battle that could be very interesting.

Hilinski, Hill and who is going to receive the start. Personal opinion and that of many others we’re most likely going to see Collin Hill get the call to start us off this season.

We get to see a Gamecock offense out of the huddle this season and less no-huddle offense, according to Bobo, who wants a more methodical approach to the year.

Also, let’s not forget Jordan Burch who led us all down an emotional wait and signing period, and now we get to see him suit up and give it a go this year and see what impact he has on the defensive side.

So at the end of the day and as we grind our way through a workweek or a school week, let’s all just take a moment throughout the day and remember that a football is back.

Although we still have a little bit more of a wait for the Sandstorm to hit, we can still be optimistic and watch some football for another 18 days until the Gamecocks take the field and we see what these Volunteers are all about.

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