A Deep Dive Into The Gamecocks Rookies That’ll Be Suiting Up This Weekend For NFL Team

This is the first weekend of NFL and that brings in the new step for some NFL rookies that repped the garnet and black.

Many of which went un-drafted but have found their way on to some pretty good programs in the country. 

Getting to the NFL is not an easy task by any means, and seeing six former Gamecocks starting their careers is a great showing for the program.

Here’s the list of the rookies suiting up this weekend:

TJ Brunson, LB – New York Giants Sunday 9/13 at 7:10pm

Joseph Charlton, P – Carolina Panthers Sunday 9/13 at 1:00pm

Rico Dowdle, RB – Dallas Cowboys Sunday 9/13 at 8:20pm

Brian Edwards, WR – Las Vegas Raiders Sunday 9/13 at 1:00pm

Javon Kinlaw, DT – San Francisco 49ers Sunday 9/13 at 4:25pm

D.J Wonnum, DE – Minnesota Vikings Sunday 9/13 at 1:00pm

Among the rookies, however, 19 other former Gamecocks will be in action this weekend for their respective NFL teams.

Although not many are slated to start, we could still see some action of the rookies considering not having a preseason and expecting a lot of moving parts and changes in the first games.

I personally am excited as I’m sure a lot of you are to see Javon Kinlaw show that same energy and talent we were all so lucky to watch over the years.

Kinlaw as of now is set to be the backup, but I’m sure with the Kinlaw we all know, that could be a real different scenario in the weeks to come.

Still though, it is a promising future for the young defensive tackle to stand out and represent the South Carolina nation along with the rest of the rookie class this year. 

Either way you slice it and no matter who you look forward to seeing play again this weekend, it’s nice to see our young stars competing at the highest level. 

Here’s a health, forever to thee!

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