We Got A Cool New Statue, Which Means Girls Have A New Spot To Take Gameday Photos

Who needs national championship contenders when you have a 20,000 pound bronze statue??

in all seriousness though, this thing is pretty dope.

The price tag for this thing was pretty steep, over $1 million, but don’t that person that says: “ThAT moNEY sHOulD HAve GOne To FaCILItIEs!!!”

Calm down, this giant chicken was privately funded by donors, which I think is pretty great for our fan culture.

The fact that two guys put their money together to create a better gameday atmosphere for hundreds of thousands of fans in the present and the future is awesome.

In all honesty, if I had 1 million dollars to spend, I don’t think a bronze statue would be that high on my list. Probably somewhere in the 100-150 range. But let’s see how I feel after I graduate.

One of the big questions I have is what are we gonna name this guy?

I’m guessing that Ray Tanner or Caslen is gonna create some boring ass name because it will fit some marketing demographic, but I think whatever it becomes will be on the spot after a big game.

We beat Clemson next year? You better imagine that there’s gonna be a mob that surrounds this statue, then all of the sudden people are gonna be chanting whoever scored the game winning touchdown and next thing you know, this thing is gonna be known as “Little Marshawn”.

But each destination has the typical Instagram photo location. Nashville has that Angel Wing mural, Paris has the Eiffel Tower and Mountain Weekend has the back porch. 

I guarantee this is gonna be the new area that will fill up our timelines and I can already predict the captions.

*Freshman after their first game*

Wait, you’re telling me I get four more years of this?!?” 

Senior after the final Clemson game:

May have lost by 30, but undefeated in tailgates” 

I can see this place being the location if College Gameday comes to Columbia and it will look amazing.

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