Choose Wisely: Which One Gamecocks Football Game Do You Want To Go To Most?

Tennessee. Georgia. Auburn. Texas A&M. Missouri. 

We only got one each so choose wisely.

You gotta feel terrible for the Seniors. When we all applied here, we pictured ourselves at a packed Willie B stadium every weekend in the Fall. 

And your senior year is supposed to be the greatest year. Not worried about your hard Gen-Eds or trying to look as old as possible as you walk around the lots. 

All they get is one more game. 

Now there aren’t any good solutions here. If they only allowed Seniors, we’d riot. 

If they allowed Seniors to go to most, Juniors and Sophomores to go some and Freshman have to wait till next year. That would suck. The Freshman have gotten the short end of the stick to say the least this year. 

The question now will be how will we strategize our choice. 

Because not all of us have a shit ton of points built up. So many don’t have the luxury to pick and choose. 

You want one final night game? Fine, put all your eggs in Tennessee and pray it doesn’t thunder.

But what if your sibling from Auburn wants to come up for a game so you pass on the game before and then you don’t get a ticket because you didn’t go to enough volleyball games when you were a Freshman. 

Plus your budget of Shivs and Cookout won’t allow any wiggle room for buying tickets.

You get screwed. 

And also *knock on wood* but what if the SEC takes a complete 180 in a month or two and cancels everything. Probably won’t happen, but you do have to consider that when you make your choices. 

I bet all of you are wondering my power rankings are so here ya go:

  1. Texas A&M (Night Game)
  2. Georgia 
  3. Tennessee (Night Game)
  4.  Auburn
  5. Missouri 

This list will likely be updated when we find out when noon game are…because we all know, fuck noon kickoffs. 


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