Hill Or Hilinski?: A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Each Gamecocks Signal Caller

This season for the Gamecocks is already starting with questions and wonderment about who exactly will be the starter for the team this year. As we all know the job comes down to either Collin Hill or Ryan Hilinski. 

Throughout the pre-season camps and practices, both Hill and Hilinski have expressed the appreciation for a friendly competition, and both expected to have this battle for the starting position.

As the week starts to wind down and we get ever closer to the start against Tennessee, let’s take a look at the QB comparison to see what we think could be the move for the Gamecocks.

Ryan Hilinski

The Pro-Style QB who was thrown to the fire as a true freshman once the then Gamecock QB Jake Bentley was injured.

Hilinski had a somewhat odd season, with small glimpses of great touch and good pocket awareness, though finishing with just a 58% completion percentage; Hilinksi just seemed to have trouble finding the targets. 

Completion percentage coupled with 11 touchdowns and an eyesore five interceptions to go along with it was hard to swallow.

Even with that, Hilinski battled and showed his talents and showed he could extend plays when needed to and could run the offense.

After being sidelined with an injury, Hilinski was unable to turn it around and help the Gamecocks offense, which seemed to limp as a whole last season. 

Collin Hill

Hill has limited time on the field due to an injury-riddled career. However, when healthy, he was able to string together some strong performances.

His 2019 season only saw him start three times. In those three games, he threw for 67% on 101 attempts. 

Now, looking at the small amount of information beyond the minimal starts, it’s hard to put a price on his abilities as a whole. What I do know is, is that Hill is a fighter just like Hilinski.

He has proven to come back from injury and understands the importance of the starting role and also brings a senior veteran mentality to his game. Either way, Hill brings a myriad of experiences to be able to lead.


As stated earlier, we still have no new information about who will start and who is even leading the competition. With how 2020 goes, Luke Doty could somehow show up on day one however unlikely, you can never count anything out.

All we know is that we all sit here to eagerly await the decision by the ball coach, and I’d assume that answer will be here within the next couple of days. One final thing I could say is let’s all just get ready for Gunner Stockton, who looks like an absolute stud. 

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