The Few Loose Ends That Remain: Running Backs

With the season start rapidly approaching, we finally have the quarterback that is leading us out against Rocky Top.

Collin Hill was named as the man for the job on Wednesday and has left South Carolina now with only a few more decisions to make on starters elsewhere.

From running backs to offensive tackles, moves are still being made up until game-day it seems.

So it’s one thing at a time for the Gamecocks as we dive into the RB battle ongoing.

With the injury to Marshawn Lloyd, the job for who gets the rock is still up for grabs for a backfield that is full of talent for the Gamecocks.

Kevin Harris, Deshaun Fenwick, Rashad Amos, and Zaquandre White are all vying for the spot.

Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo praised Kevin Harris on his consistency throughout camp and preseason, but believes that this season could see a “running back committee out of the backfield.”

So who do we like and what do we know?

Well, we’ve seen Harris and Fenwick on the field and know they can produce, although Fenwick and Harris have seen struggles from the field but have had plenty of moments of promise and will probably be leaned on heavily this year.

Coach Muschamp in a press conference on Sunday gave some comments noting ZaQuandre White looked good and has looked good throughout camps; also that White has been the most consistent as well along with Fenwick.

A competitive and healthy Quan White at camp is certainly heating up this competition. 

What we do know is that the job is still up for grabs and most likely will be a less publicized choice as opposed to the QB battle. 

Now, what we can say is that we have a good young group of guys and the better man for the job who puts us in the better position is going to have that shot.

We can look at stats all day from last year and see who had better YPC average or who was targeted more, but at the end of it all, the core of backs that is strong and should be a plus for this USC offense.

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