Anybody Else Notice A Key Missing Piece From The New Statue In Front Of Williams-Brice?

In the more recent news amid all the preseason football talk, the uprise of fans calling out the new statue has been the hot topic.

As we all have noticed, we have an unbelievable new one million dollar rooster at Williams Brice, that looks pretty great sitting out in front of the stadium.

Well, that’s where fans have started to see the not so complete statue that is there to represent the mighty Gamecocks.

This being The Spurs Up Show we identify with the weapon of the Gamecock, the spur.

The piece that is seemingly missing from our new awesome statue that has fans all over twitter asking the question, “What’s going on?”

It’s not hard to notice on a giant statue that spans 20ft wide by 20ft tall, reason being why the missing weapon is so remarked by many.

Now, we know it is not the end of the world seeing as it is just a statue. But let’s get one thing straight; we still want our spur on our rooster.

“Spurs Up” is our motto, our battle cry, the representation of the Gamecock in all its glory. So let’s hope they note the obvious here and have it added on.

We don’t get a full run-of-the-mill football season, so at least we can get some spurs on our statue. Right?

We’ll still yell and scream every Saturday under the crescent moon “Spurs Up!” Even if we’re “Spurs Missing,” for now anyway.

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