Does The Reward Of Luke Doty’s Athleticism On The Field Now Outweigh The Risk Of Hurting His Development At QB For The Future?

One game in the books, one loss in the books. 

What was seen by many to be a winnable game for our Gamecocks, we lost on a heartbreaking fumble right before the game-deciding drive. But we gotta move on quickly because the garnet and black are making the trip down the bizarre world of Florida to play the Gators where we are big time underdogs.

20.5+ at the moment…not great. 

Florida’s Trask is coming off 400+ yards and 6 TDs so if USC is going to find a way to cover, or by some miracle sent by the college football Gods, gets the W, we are gonna have to find a way to put points up in the swamp. 

Obviously, one of the wild cards that Bobo has on the roster is Doty.

The kid spent a ton of Fall camp taking snaps at receiver and Muschamp even came out and said he is the fastest player on the team.

So when your opponent’s competition has higher rated recruits, higher rankings, home field and a shit-ton of other advantages, seems pretty obvious that you want the best athletes on the field that can help you win, right?


Well I am not saying that I don’t want him to get in at receiver, because I want to win this game more than I want the city of Columbia to ban the use of trains.

However, you gotta give it some good thought before sending this 18 year old into the game. 

At quarterback, Doty could be the savior. He could be the one that makes UofSC compete for the East and sends the Gamecocks to Atlanta for the Championship during his time here.

Now, I don’t know if the chances that actually happens are high or not, but I do know one thing.

70% QB, 30% Wide Receiver (less likely)

100% QB (More likely) 

But at the same time, if one of the best athletes on your offense gets 0 snaps this year and your offense doesn’t put up enough points to compete with any of these SEC teams, that looks no bueno for Muschamp. 

I do think that how they use him will say a lot on how Muschamp feels about his job security. If he barely plays Doty, I think Will is expecting to be back for the next few years. If we see Doty getting 4-5 catches a game, Muschamp is basically saying “Fuck it, I got nothing to lose”.

So let’s see how Mike and Will use him over the next week or two and see if we can have a Georgia type upset in Gainesville.

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