Monday’s Are Great Again: Pav’s Reopens To A Massive Crowd And Not Everyone Is Thrilled About It

While we have been to campus for a couple of months now, there’s been something that has been missing.

Completely in-person classes? Sure

Fraternity lots? Of course 

But even those were back, there has been something that we haven’t seen you can’t talk about the USC experience without bringing up.

Good Old Pavs.

That was until yesterday.

Now, am I saying that everyone loves Pavs? Hell no. But you never talk to someone about their thoughts on a MNP and they respond with:

“Yeah it was alright”

It’s a love, hate relationship, and you know what? we need those in our lives. 

But everyone has a Pavs memory. 

Like previously said, last night was the reopening of the classiest dive bar in America and unshockingly, the crowd did not disappoint. 

And equally unsurprising, the reopening was all over social media, with news outlets broadcasting what the students of USC can get for $1.

Uhhh I’m sorry, but did you look at any student ID’s?? These could be the accountants at Bank of America or a Chef at California Dreaming for all we know. 

But in all honesty, it definitely can’t be easy to be a small business/bar right now, especially when your margins on profits are as low as Pavs are. So bravo to both the bar for making it work and the customers for giving the Columbia economy a boost.

We also knew that some folks in the Twitter replies wouldn’t be thrilled with a herd of people in one place and one time, but you have to remember, those who survive Pav’s bathroom are already in the top 1% of immune systems to begin with.

And plus, after a MNP, most of them will do nothing besides lay in bed all day: Self Quartentining!

But there were some hilarious replies on some of the tweets:

Hate to see it @Mr. Cobb’s son and long live Pavlov’s.

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