Gamecocks Running Back Kevin Harris Is Trucking Along Through The 2020 Season

As we have all witnessed these past two weeks, we have a stud in the backfield and his name is Kevin Harris.

Even though we have lost both games, he has put on a clinic out on the field trucking defenders and powering ahead for extra yards. His run game gives us such a great dynamic to be able to take some chunks out of downs and with Adam Prentice ahead of him the duo are goal line crushers. 

Through the first two games, Harris has 155 yards over 35 carries, putting him first on the team. Harris is also fourth in the SEC for yards, as well as one of five who have notched a TD in each of his first two games. 

Harris in my opinion is still an underutilized player and that comes down from the Gamecocks seemingly getting away from what works.

As we’ve seen the offense gets into a spot during the games where we decide to just throw throw… and throw. With a man like Harris in the backfield and a Deshaun Fenwick who has been so explosive as well, why not use the tools.

I think many teams will underestimate this squad all year, but I feel Harris has put other teams on notice. The bull in a china shop, as coach Muschamp says, and also praises him for his abilities. 

As this season progresses and as long as Kevin Harris stays healthy, I see massive potential out of the young sophomore.

Especially in a year with an all SEC schedule, we may not win them all but I think with talent we have on the field we can at least let teams know who we are.

It may only be a small hope of optimism that we get from Harris, but it’s something and I can’t wait to see it out on the field to take down Vandy.

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