NFL Gamecocks To Watch For In Week Five

South Carolina players had a lot of success last week, and there are more interesting matchups for some NFL Gamecocks.

Mike Davis will look to continue his success while Deebo Samuel will look to help the 49ers rebound.

Here are some players to watch in Week five: 

Mike Davis 

I feel like I talk about Davis way too much, but the way he’s playing I feel like I have to mention him.

Davis has been really good as a replacement for Christian McCaffery, and he has a very favorable matchup this week. The Panthers play the 0-4 Falcons, and this should be an easy game for Davis.

Even though Dan Quinn’s job is on the line, the Atlanta defense is so beat up that Davis will be a threat on the ground and through the air. 

Deebo Samuel 

Samuel played his first game of the season last week against the Eagles. He only had three receptions for 35 yards, but it didn’t help that the 49ers had to use two different quarterbacks in the 49ers second loss of the season.

Samuel will look to bounce back against a struggling Dolphins team.

The only thing I could see slowing down Samuel is an illness which kept him out of practice yesterday. 

Hayden Hurst 

COVID is making this list a lot harder to make each week. I would’ve loved to put Stephon Gimore on here, but he unfortunately will be out with COVID.

Hurst has a really tough matchup against a tough Panthers defense, but he is one of the top targets for Matt Ryan.

Julio Jones is dealing with an injury, and the Panthers will focus on Calvin Ridley. This gives Hurst a chance to make some plays in a rivalry game.


As with everything else, COVID has made this a lot harder to do. Injuries have also plagued the entire NFL, and some games are being pushed back.

I’m still wondering how Bryan Edwards and Javon Kinlaw will perform, but Edwards has an injury and Kinlaw will no doubt make an impact weekly.

Either way, I’m excited for another week of football.

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