What Are The Chances Of 100% In-Person Classes In The Spring At The University Of South Carolina?

We have reached the halfway point through the semester and, I’ll be honest, I am somewhat pleasantly surprised that we got to this point.

Throwback to August, when UNC and Notre Dame went back to campus a week before us. Then almost immediately, they had to stop in person classes after their first outbreak. 

I don’t think I am the only one that had the thought: “Huh, guess I’ll see TCoop in the Spring”

But the school held strong, even after our first outbreak, when we started to make national news for having some of the most cases in the country and our graph was as steep as the staircase at Cotton Gin, we didn’t make any drastic changes. 

Now, two months later, we are literally at 36 active cases. How the hell did the school test 1000+ positives in a single week and now a few dozen when I have seen little-to-no changes from the student body’s day to day activities? 

I think there are many reasons, from the school’s testing strategy to how the students themselves have handled the relationship with the school and testing.  

But one of the big questions now is what is the Spring semester going to look like. The only thing the school has come out and said is that Spring break won’t be a normal one.

That’ll be interesting in how they decide to do that. Losing Fall break made a few people mad, but if they were to tell everyone that you gotta log into an 8:30 Zoom call on the day you were going to be in Gulf Shores or Daytona Beach, then there may be a Coup d’etat originating from the Greek Village.

I have no idea what they are going to do, but I just hope they implement more in person classes.

It’s great waking up at 8:25 for your 8:30, but I am getting kinda sick and tired of these online classes. 

If we can’t go completely in person, can we at least find a universal assignment/classroom site? Blackboard or Canvas, I don’t care, just pick one. 

If we can fill up Willie B with 20,000, we can fill up Darla Moore with 200. 

There’s a very pessimistic side of me that is wondering if they’ll return us back to campus at the designated time. If they dont want us coming back after Thanksgiving because of the dangers of spreading the virus, then what’s the difference with us coming back in January?

Nope, not gonna think about that. Let’s just go beat Auburn.

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