With COVID-19 Causing Delays Across The SEC, Will South Carolina Be Safe From Any Interruptions?

Earlier this week the Vanderbilt vs. Missouri game was forced to be postponed due to COVID contact tracing on the Commodores squad. The SEC and the required 53 man roster for teams to be eligible to play was the cause for the game being postponed along with the small clutter of COVID.

This is the first SEC team to have to forcefully postpone a game due to the coronavirus, and I don’t think we have seen the last of this. Many other schools, and many teams outside of Vanderbilt have seen the virus cause a rift in their seasons. 

The big news about this is that we just played Vanderbilt less than a week ago and were well within a six foot radius to a lot of players. No players have been identified specifically that had contracted the virus.

South Carolina has been in contact with the SEC and was told that no players were in close proximity to the infected players. With how this virus has been, I think nothing is safe and we hope that the news is true that no players were in the close proximity of others.

The rule of close proximity is “someone who is within six feet of an infected person for at least a cumulative period of 15 minutes.”

South Carolina has said they will continue business as usual and will continue to to test according SEC protocols; three times a week. Which a normal routine week is what this squad needs as we welcome the Auburn Tigers to Williams-Brice this weekend, who are opening up as a 3.5 point favorite currently against the Gamecocks.

All we hope is that the protocols and testing keep this team ahead of the curve and keep us on the playing field. Just know, it is not an unrealistic expectation to maybe get a game postponed this season, but we’ll definitely keep our hopes up for healthy players.

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