Top Performances From Gamecocks In The NFL: Week Six

There are a lot of inconsistencies with South Carolina players in the NFL this year. Part of that is because of matchups, and part of that is because there are some backups.

There were only a few notable performances this week, so I’ll name an MVP for the week from now on.

These are the notable former Gamecocks from week six: 

MVP: Deebo Samuel 

A somewhat healthy Jimmy Garappolo means that the 49ers offense has life. The 49ers upset the Rams mostly due to their impressive offense.

Deebo Samuel finished with six receptions for 66 yards and a touchdown. Samuel scored on a jet sweep, but he is also deadly in the passing game.

Samuel’s combination of speed along with the surprising amount of power he has proves that he’s a WR1 in this league.

The most underrated part of his game was he caught all six of his targets, and he sealed the game for the 49ers. 

Hayden Hurst 

Rejoice Falcons fans! You finally got your first win of the season.

Matt Ryan and the offense exposed the Vikings’ porous secondary. Hayden Hurst finished with four receptions for 57 yards and a touchdown.

The entire offense was on fire, but Hurst averaged 14.3 yards per reception and he proved that he belongs in Atlanta more than Baltimore.

Even on a struggling team, Hurst finds a way to be good. 

Mike Davis 

The Panthers lost to the Chicago Bears who are now 5-1? Either way, Mike Davis has been incredible for the Panthers this year.

This was the one game where he was somewhat limited. The Bears suffocated Teddy Bridgewater and the offense, but Davis still found a way to get a touchdown despite only having 52 yards on the ground.

He had a solid performance in what will probably be his last start since Christian McCaffery returns next week.

There was no love lost as Mike Davis played against his former team.


There were a good few former Gamecocks on a bye week this week, but overall there just weren’t a lot of amazing performances.

I know Deebo looked really good and Davis will continue to get snaps despite McCaffery’s return.

I will say the one matchup I’m looking forward to next week is Deebo Samuel versus Stephon Gilmore.

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